Thursday, April 28, 2011

Inky Fingers

Been drawing. Love this process so much.

Adore this hand stitched book cover

... and how this invitation is stitched at the top

My post #500 is coming up soon—must celebrate with a little give-away :))

Enjoy your Thursday :-)

Monday, April 25, 2011

Going up?

:-) Have you had a bit of holiday? (I thankfully did :)

Yesterday evening, we went for a walk through the city, and these silent ships sailed across the sky. What a beautiful way to end the mini-holiday this easter has been.

Days have been warm, evenings light, and the Magnolia is in full bloom. All of it in delicious soothing silence.

I hope your easter has been just as you wished (or even better).

I'm in love with Vivienne Fletcher's art. There's so much gorgeousness, I can't choose. Please tap the little arrow at the bottom to see more of each category.

And this japanese telephone add—mesmorizing!

Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Easter cut-outs

According to tradition, before Easter we make »Gækkebreve« (Easter letters), writing an Easter poem and finnishing the letter with a little riddle for our names. If the receiver quess who it's from before Easter, you owe him an Easter egg, if he doesn't, he will owe you one.
This year I owe two Easter eggs :-D

If you want to make gækkebreve like these ones, you shall fold a square piece of tissue paper four times, and cut it like this: I made the small holes using a puncher
(click image to see bigger)
More gækkebreve here and here

No more Easter for now (I think :-)

Monday, April 18, 2011

Arty Friday

Thank you for your views and thoughts on how to make more time for creativeness. It was very inspiring to read. I haven't yet figured out how to bend it, but I believe it calls for some re-arranging. Somehow.

On another arty note, a friend & I went to Arken (Danish modern art museum) Friday, and saw Olafur Eliassons light installation Your Blind Passenger; a 90 meter long foggy tunnel, with changing light. An amazing experience.

You can read more about the exhibition and see a little film of the making of the tunnel+interview with the artist here, if you like.

I took these pictures (above) inside the tunnel. Of course they do the installation no justice, but perhaps gives an idea.
Pretty cool.

I hope your weekend was great :-)

Olafur Eliasson

Thursday, April 14, 2011

Book inspiration

Two new books arrived; Save 7the Date (a book on calendar design) and 1000 Artist Journal Pages. Both gorgeous and hugely inspiring.

I am warming up to do some more journal pages. I miss the ol' Dear Diary days, and I've been thinking how to make time to get started again with something similar. My (work)life was pretty different back then—I had a 9 to 3 job, which gave me plenty of time to do other stuff in the afternoons and on weekends. Now, running my own business, I work way more hours, and differently; with less structure, and weekends often included.

So more structure would be one way to give myself time to art journal. Say, I stopped working Friday at noon, and journalled. Hmm, I wonder if that would work ...

How do you make time on a regular basis to make stuff?

(love all these different expressions. So personal. Yum)


There's Flora! In fact I learned about Save 7he Date on her blog, since she was featured. I like Floras work very much.

Tuesday, April 12, 2011


Painted cardboard easter egg at Clemmensen&Brok :-)
Are you making easter-stuff this year?

Sweet felted easter eggs (and other crafty things)
Pretty egg print

Monday, April 11, 2011

Does this mean ....

What a weekend! No. First things first -- been sick all last week. It was bad, but it was good. I regularly need to remind myself that too much work is (way) too much, and that I should respect time to relax and un-work. Used to think this was a decision I had to make once, and go with it -- turns out I need to make this decision regularly.
My body helped me this time, by making me unable to work. And this is good. Felt bad, but sick does that I s'pose, and I'm fine now, so
Anyway. Didn't work this weekend, which brings me back to the beginning; WHAT a weekend! Sooo much sun, and chirping birds and more sun. Absolutely wonderful. Dare I ask...? Does this mean end of winter for now?? Man, I hope so

This made me laugh today
and this is so beautiful
Hope you are well ·.·*·

Sunday, April 3, 2011

...followed by Working Sunday

What have you been up to today?

Fancy a pull-apart cinnamon roll?? From Joy the Baker, via Slagt en hellig ko.
Mmmmnnnn... :)

Friday, April 1, 2011

Friendly Friday

I've been working on some illustrations on yoga and mindfulness, the next couple of days I'll post some of them. I was inspired to change my header, seemed like time for a change. Dunno ...
Been listening to this guy: Thomas Holm

Please see Barbara-Rose Pierre Paul's Pins. I love ALL of her boards! Flawless taste. Amazed.
Ran 5 km today, and had liqourice icecream. Such a friendly Friday; hope yours was too.