Friday, April 1, 2011

Friendly Friday

I've been working on some illustrations on yoga and mindfulness, the next couple of days I'll post some of them. I was inspired to change my header, seemed like time for a change. Dunno ...
Been listening to this guy: Thomas Holm

Please see Barbara-Rose Pierre Paul's Pins. I love ALL of her boards! Flawless taste. Amazed.
Ran 5 km today, and had liqourice icecream. Such a friendly Friday; hope yours was too.


  1. love the header... feels like what i am up to these days, getting back into core balance and power.

    big hug

  2. I really like the new banner as well...feels fresh! 5km run...that's good, I'd be out of breath at the next corner.

  3. Like the beautiful new banner, and the sound of Friendly Friday. A run followed by liqourice icecream sounds good to me, and much better than mine. My Friday was terribly ho-hum.

  4. headern blev riktigt kul! yoga, men med en twist