Tuesday, May 31, 2011

New Go-Card out this week

Part of a series of colours. White here. Pink+Blue here :-)
I predict there will be some of these in give-away-packs too...
Go Card

Lots of great stuff at Design;Defined
Happy Tuesday!

Sunday, May 29, 2011

Sunday thoughts, and past week's to-doings

Hello :-)
It's been a while.
What have you been up to?

In this part of town there's been
work, and in between ...

making necklaces...

beading our new door sign ...

... knitting, and relaxing
—and I went to see The King's Speech (at the cinema, which is a big deal for me ;-)

There hasn't been much blogging. Alas. Not time for everything.

Oh yes, another thing I've been doing, is a bit of internet-shopping. For the longest time, I have had Keri Smith's Nonplanner Datebook on my wish list, and last week I found a European website which carried it, and I ordered it right away. Can't wait to flip throught its pages!

What is your best online buy ever?
I'll have to think about mine ...

Still plenty of time to enter giveaway :-)

Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Mellow Ms Madeleine

New music just in! :-) It's soothing—late Sunday breakfeast—softness and slow pace. Yes, Ms Madeleine Peyroux danced herself into my ♥ with this:

(and yup--, it's a real plastic cd! ;-) Call me ol'fashioned—I like having the booklet, and the case and... Yeah, I know!)

This stuff jumped me Saturday! And I spend the day making necklaces.
I'll post pictures later. Gotta go work now :o)
Satya Jewelry

The Daily Purl

Thank you for your sweet congrats, and for wanting to participate in 500-post-giveaway :-)

Saturday, May 14, 2011

YOU*RE INVITED . ·*· .·¨

I want to celebrate my 500 posts of blogging with a giveaway—as a symbol of my grattitude for everything you guys generously give every single day through your daily wonders and beauties, in words and images.

For your creativity and ideas. For your willigness to share, for your visits and for your always sweet and encouraging comments. You guys are the best!

Please leave a comment to this post to enter the giveaway, from today until Friday, June 17th, where I (& Random.org) will draw

who will each get a snail mail package containing

✶ »Scraps« - mine & Elsebeth's book - in English or Danish (your choice)
✶ Emphera for making collages
✶ An original (made by me)
✶ Postcards (made by me)
✶ ...and additional hand made goodies

I hope you'd like to play
Good luck to all

A side effect of Blogger's little summer cold the other day was that your comments on the last two posts have disappeared. I'm sorry I didn't get back to you before this happened.

Thursday, May 12, 2011

Do you feel lucky, punk??!!

I do. I feel very very very lucky.
My friend brought me rhubarb yesterday (before our walk). And a recipe.
Yum! So good.

And the earrings! Yes. Here they are. I really love them.

and this post...


A lot on my mind(heart) indeed. Over the years.
I want to celebrate with a giveaway, and I have gathered emphera for collages, some postcards and likes, and I want to giveaway a couple of our books »Scraps« too.

Because I am forever thankful. For what we do here in blog-world. For being part of this—of sharing and chatting and playing and inspiring, giving and receiving. Makes my heart jump with joy, makes me want to stand on roof-tops screeaaming: I FEEL SO LUUUUUCKYYYYY! I am in constant awe of all the beauty, the wisdom, the sweetness, the presence ...
I could go on, but I think you catch my drift ;-)

So with rhubarb still sweet in my tummy, and a beautiful evening waiting ahead (with infinite possibilities), I bid you

Happy Thursday

and hope to see you Saturday, where I shall launch the giveaway, with pictures, and I think there will be confetti too


Wednesday, May 11, 2011

(much on mind) Part Two

but before I do...
I have to mention these two ladies I met Saturday on a Spring Fair in Odense:

who - among much other stuff - makes these awesome dougnuts!!! Baby rattle, felt kitchen toy, pin cushion. And downright lovely:

Doughnuts made by Blåmejsen

Jack Of All Arts
who makes vintage jewelry. I purchased a pair of Barbie shoes earrings from her (which I'll have to post later, since it's evening and light is travelling elsewhere).

All this great stuff is made by

I have to do this in parts ...

... because I have so much on my mind and I really should be working, not blogging, and and and ...
Usually, I happilly accept the fact that I have 24 h a day. It's a lot, when you think about it, and planning will get one far. But today I'm not standing quite so strong.

So. I think I'd like an extension. Please.

I haven't decided if it should be an extended day, week or even month. Just know that there are all these faboulous things I want to make, and do and see and read and listen to, and I can't seem to find enough time forrit all!
You could argue that I should choose, but you wouldn't, if you knew just how wonderful stuff we're talkin' about here.
... the big mini-hama name tag for the front door
... the first season of The Wire
... the Nikos Kazantzakis book I borrowed (thank you for the inspiration, M)
... the John Irving
... the Gangaji
... the Chopra
... the artjournalling I'm yearning to do
the magazine, the yarn, the cross stitch cushion, the illustrated postcards, the blogs the music the audio books the pins the art the company the ...

The weird thing is; this might stress me out completely. But doesn't. I'd just really like to (all-of-the-above).

Had coffee with my good friend this afternoon. We sat by the pond. Walked and talked. And watched the peacock act out, then settle down. Wonder if he'd like more time to do cross stitch ...

I really have to work now ...

Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Rest of the yoga images

Hello and happy Thursday. :-) Wishing you sunshine and smiles, lollies and laughter.

Got a lotta work, so I haven't been blogging for a week now :-(
I miss it. I hope to be visiting soon.

I hope you are well