Tuesday, July 31, 2012


Went to Corfu—a sweet Greek island, with generous, wonderful people, sunny days and the ocean salty and warm. Swimming in it 'till our fingers got all wrinkled up!

Had feta for breakfeast, lunch and dinner (almost ;-) and did very little but read the books we brought, solve cross word puzzles and eat ice cream! A wonderful vacation.

I share »After Dinner« foodie photos at Clemmensen&Brok.Want to pop over for some leftovers? :-)


I hope you have had a wonderful Summer Holiday? Perhaps still holidaying?
Me, I started working today! I wonder if I'll get the hang of it before it gets the hang of me?

See you soon!

Thursday, July 12, 2012

Emphera and collage »Lucky-Bags« in the making

Vacation time is upon me, makes me quiet and mellow. And a little ponderous ... :-)

In August, Isabella's magazine will feature an article made by Tina and me, on how to make greating cards, tags, seed pod bags and more using collage as decoration.

To make beginnings easier, or to help inspiration, I have made a bunch of little »material-sacks«, with carefully selected paper scraps, emphera, old picture lottery pieces, ribbon, stamps, and much more, and putting them up for sale.

I believe my Etsy shop will be re-opening for these, but it's still on the drawing board.

First, a sneak peak...

Each bag measure 10x10 cm