Monday, April 11, 2011

Does this mean ....

What a weekend! No. First things first -- been sick all last week. It was bad, but it was good. I regularly need to remind myself that too much work is (way) too much, and that I should respect time to relax and un-work. Used to think this was a decision I had to make once, and go with it -- turns out I need to make this decision regularly.
My body helped me this time, by making me unable to work. And this is good. Felt bad, but sick does that I s'pose, and I'm fine now, so
Anyway. Didn't work this weekend, which brings me back to the beginning; WHAT a weekend! Sooo much sun, and chirping birds and more sun. Absolutely wonderful. Dare I ask...? Does this mean end of winter for now?? Man, I hope so

This made me laugh today
and this is so beautiful
Hope you are well ·.·*·


  1. I am glad you are feeling better Christine. Love the comical beanie and also that which you found to be beautiful.
    I am glad to be in the traveling journal with you and pleased that Eden put the link to your blog.
    Very happy that spring just might be here also.
    Angels be with you.

  2. so glad u got some resting time in, sun and birdsong really do make a magic elixer. Sometimes we all seem to get :sick" during pollen from spring...

    glad winter is over, so i won't have to wear a knitted beard to greet the sky. ha ha.