Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Easter cut-outs

According to tradition, before Easter we make »Gækkebreve« (Easter letters), writing an Easter poem and finnishing the letter with a little riddle for our names. If the receiver quess who it's from before Easter, you owe him an Easter egg, if he doesn't, he will owe you one.
This year I owe two Easter eggs :-D

If you want to make gækkebreve like these ones, you shall fold a square piece of tissue paper four times, and cut it like this: I made the small holes using a puncher
(click image to see bigger)
More gækkebreve here and here

No more Easter for now (I think :-)


  1. I like that you transformed this idea from winter snowflakes to easter, very lovely.

  2. This is beautiful! What a fun idea, I may have to try! Thanks for stopping by my blog and leaving your lovely comments.

  3. That's a lovely tradition ... what a shame you owe two eggs and not the other way around! ;)

    Happy Easter! :)

  4. The butterfly cut out are the background as well. :)