Saturday, May 29, 2010

Found yet another way to have FUN

A small someone is having a birthday Summer party, and the party planner (that'd be me) thought a garden-thing with a small Tivoli-ish kind of games and colour could be fun to do. A ball toss, A magnet fishing pool (for paper with clips), a decorate-your-own-cup-cake, and face painting!
(I'm very early in the planning process - do you have any ideas for stuff to do that you'll kindly share? I would be very grateful)

The painting-thing got me completely giddy. I rushed to the nearest theater-supply-store and bought a few colours and a tube of glitter. And started practicing. Having made a face and an arm, I thought, "this is so NOT gonna work". But after having washed, re-painted, washed and painted s'more, I figured out a way to make the flower petals change colour and stuff. I still need practice, but I have time. And I'm having tons of fun!

A different kind of link today -- Being no particular Lady Ga-Ga-fan, I was prejudicely under the impression this girl couldn't sing. Shame on me. Link.

Tuesday, May 25, 2010

New books

Once upon a time, in the land of Employment, a young (well ... youngish ;) girl awaited spring's national holidays of bliss with light, rose-scented anticipation. These tiny drops of extra holidays — they were many and they were soothing — showered her with spare time, time to read or sit in the sun, time for leisure! Little would she know, that years later, in the land of Self-Employment, them very same days would be days of labour, hard work and bossy attititude. Ohh, how fortunate, that the young (-ish) girl held appreciation high then ...

:-D Danish springtime is packed with national holidays - Easter, Whitsuntide, Ascension Day, + "Store Bededag"; fourth Friday after Easter, Constitution Day. They were GREAT back in the days, 'cause one could plan extra holidays around'em, and have so much time off.

Not s'much anymore. Around Ascension Day, I talked to my Printer, and had completely forgotten about holidays! "Whut??!! - You won't be able to do the job 'till Monday?? What holiday?? ... ouhhh ...! Yeah, no, sorry. Yeah-- 'course it can wait."

Yes, much is different. Work hours have sifted out into free-time, free-time to work; the two are now pretty much just time. I do think of this also, the days (it's been a while, though) when I sit on my balcony at 11 am, thinking: "perhaps I'm done working for the day now!"

This weekend was Whitsuntide. I was working. And for this, I am grateful.
One of the jobs I did even presented a great link : Donna Wilson

The collage is of the books I bought recently. Rina suggested A Mano - I love it. The other book is Envelopes, by Harriet Russell (+blog). Awesome. + Indian Gods card deck :-)

Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Feet cosies

Crocheted from design purchased at Sylver Designs.
Thanks for kind words on ink and sun flower :)

Rebecca Thuss

Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Soon ...

Soon the sun will warm our skin, and blind us in that soothing way, eyes will close in mellowness. I'm a plant!

Today we plants are being watered here. 'tis nice. I love the rain. Especially from inside my house :-)

Pia Jane Bijkerk
Papéis por todo o lado

Take care

Friday, May 7, 2010

Friday Ink Doodle, and some shoppin'

Hi :-)
Thank you for poll'in with me in the "do-you-finish-or-not-before ..." :-) I enjoy seeing your votes so much – right now we have an overweight of "Rarely, but it happens", with 60 % :-)))

Thanks also for the great many sweet comments and sharings :-) I love hearing from you guys! Love the communicating. Don't you?

So! Ok. Weekend up ahead. Hmm, mostly work for my part. Which is good. I'm fortunate I have work. Gotta when it's there, no? The Way of the Freelancer.

As a little treat, though, I bought'sm stuff (Yeah — all right — it's out--I shop to be happy!! ) :-D No-no (okay a little), ANYway, I ordered one of Cecilias gorgeous cutting boards. And it arrived yesterday! Thanks, Cecilia. I love it - it's beautiful! And thank you for the note and the little extras inside the package :-))

I also puchased books. Elsewhere. With pictures in'em! Ouuhh -- can't wait. (Thanks, Rina, for the great tip! ;-)

What shall you do with your weekend?
Have a good one
btw — have you even the tiniest knitty fiber in you — please check out The Shetland Trader. Yummy!

Sunday, May 2, 2010

Happy hippie Sunday :)

Makes me feel great when I finish a project! I mean; they begin more or less by themselves — jumping out of drawers at me, grabbing me in my sleep, always ready to play. I've never been very good at finishing a project before starting a new, thus making my home packed with more or less finished projects. I wonder what you guys do ...?

Do you finish projects before starting new ones?

Here is the beginning of the freestyle vest, and here another step :-)
It's been fun — and easy. I simply cut out a shape of paper as seen in the second link, and tried it on (by taping the shoulders together), cut and reshaped until I found it just right. Then un-taped the shoulders, layed it out flat, and crocheted, using old scraps of yarn, keeping the shape of the paper-dummy, not crocheting outside the edges. I (gently) ironed it flat every once in a while, and finished it by crocheting twice around the edges (after having sewed the shoulders together ).

Happy Journey, started by Thereza and two friends. Contributions are all so great.
Do very much like überkraaft's (didn't know him before)

Happy Sunday :o)

Saturday, May 1, 2010


Imma kindda taking a break from dairy, sugar and wheat these days. Not dieting or any such thing, but I find it makes me feel rather good. I don't want to lay off for ever and ever (liking lattes, chocolate, cream and butter), but a while is ok.

This doesn't mean the end of Mrs. Sweet Tooth, and yesterday she and I, in collaboration with a little person who also likes sweets, played a game of tip-the-cupboard.

The coconut ones are cocoa, and was made with (if I remember correctly): dried dates, cashew nuts, cocoa, carob, coconut oil, water, sunflower seeds, dried apricots ... and rolled in coconut.

The sesame ones are liqourice, and was made with dried dates, dried apricots, cashew nuts, tahin (sesame paste) powdered liqourice root ... and rolled in sesame seeds.
:) Not many are left today.

Lovely Aurelia Deschamps. Via Eddy and Edwina