Monday, April 25, 2011

Going up?

:-) Have you had a bit of holiday? (I thankfully did :)

Yesterday evening, we went for a walk through the city, and these silent ships sailed across the sky. What a beautiful way to end the mini-holiday this easter has been.

Days have been warm, evenings light, and the Magnolia is in full bloom. All of it in delicious soothing silence.

I hope your easter has been just as you wished (or even better).

I'm in love with Vivienne Fletcher's art. There's so much gorgeousness, I can't choose. Please tap the little arrow at the bottom to see more of each category.

And this japanese telephone add—mesmorizing!


  1. gorgeous photos of the hot air balloons! silent ships, what a perfect way to describe them. they look amazing.

  2. Beautiful photos as always! There is a hot air balloon festival outside of Montreal in the summer, and for the last 3 years I keep saying I;ll go, but something always happens....but this year....for sure. They are beautiful! Hope your Easter was fun.

  3. Ah yes, a magical weekend indeed. I wish all could be spent in such lengthy, lazy fashion.

    Those images are beautiful ... and the weather in your part of the world looks sublime.


  4. Going up!

    (i love love love that phrase)
    your city is beautiful. It would be wonderful to see it from up up and away in the floating sky.

    hope you are joyous