Thursday, April 14, 2011

Book inspiration

Two new books arrived; Save 7the Date (a book on calendar design) and 1000 Artist Journal Pages. Both gorgeous and hugely inspiring.

I am warming up to do some more journal pages. I miss the ol' Dear Diary days, and I've been thinking how to make time to get started again with something similar. My (work)life was pretty different back then—I had a 9 to 3 job, which gave me plenty of time to do other stuff in the afternoons and on weekends. Now, running my own business, I work way more hours, and differently; with less structure, and weekends often included.

So more structure would be one way to give myself time to art journal. Say, I stopped working Friday at noon, and journalled. Hmm, I wonder if that would work ...

How do you make time on a regular basis to make stuff?

(love all these different expressions. So personal. Yum)


There's Flora! In fact I learned about Save 7he Date on her blog, since she was featured. I like Floras work very much.


  1. Christine: Thanks for posting my book, 1000 Artist Journal Pages! Hope it continues to inspire! Your blog is inspiring to me!

  2. I use Remember the Milk ( for my to do lists and I schedule my 'me time' stuff into it as well (like 'Crochet one row of jumper' every Tuesday) just to make sure I do it!

  3. Oh yeah, that is a good question. It is hard to make the time! I work 8 to 5, and it's not before 8 at night that I get time to myself, so I try to squeeze anything creative into a 2 hour window. I have to admit it does not work out all the time. But I am an obsessive list-maker. It happens quite often that during the day I'll have an idea, so if I do not write it down's gone.
    I really hope that one day I will have the luxury of a flexible schedule, I hate being stuck in the "rat race".

    These photos are really inspiring, I especially like the calendars...

  4. seriously. who has that much time to spend on a journal page! i envy those people.

  5. Hi sweet to make is difficult isn't it...and when little people are part of your is ever a challenge...but the midnight hour works best for me...those weee hours when the world is quiet and I can breathe all by myself with my creativity. Love these books...shall have to seek them out! Happy weekend my far away friend...xoxo Eden

  6. They look like absolutely beautiful books ... I love how we can be inspired by the wonderful talent and creative inspiration of others.

    I don't tend to make time to 'make' ... I think I'm a little too unstructured when it comes to my creative time ... and so because of that, I don't devote as much time to it as I should.

    I hope you had a lovely weekend.

  7. This is the magical question: how to make time for art while going about our regular days? I'm not sure how to answer that one. I'm a mother of 5 yr old twins, a graduate student and I just started back to full time teaching this fall. What I have found is an altered book that I started painting in a little when I could. There's no rules, it has no theme, and I when I have a bit of time I paint, doodle, collage, or draw.

  8. right now i am scattered, but i trust it, and know there is a huge thought web weaving behind me mind that will spill or appear.

    and i hope u are cooking something divine. We had tornados go through all day yest, and i worried for nothing and now i am enjoying me and all etc... xo

  9. those journal pages are amazing. thank you for the book recos and eye candy :)