Friday, February 28, 2014

Post Paper Salon

The first of Mühlbach & Clemmensens Creative Salons took place last night, and I had the best time! Paper in hand, surrounded by wonderful, creative, sharing folk — what more can one hope to have?!

I got to spend the evening with both familiar and new faces — former »students« from our workshops, and Tina - from TichTach; a blog I've been following for many years. Tina wrote a post about The Salons - Twice, actually. Thank you for mentioning us :-)

There were ornaments, envelopes, stars, notebooks, pencils, origami — all made with, of, in PAPER!
I made the origami ornament above; got the tutorial from (a monster blog for crafts!)

Next Salon is Hama beads. Look out for the upcoming newsletter about this :-)

In my newspaper today, I read a review of Neneh Cherrys new album Blank Project. New as in: hasn't released a solo album in 18 years. The review praised the album, and oh boy! So. Do. I!
I subscribe to Spotify (best investment ever — I have not listened to this much new music in my whole life). Anyway. Neneh Cherry: Totally totally awesome album!

Have a beautiful weekend!

Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Art Journal, new page

Thursday night is »Salon«-night. I'm looking so much forward to it :-) We even got Port!

Monday, February 24, 2014

New Art Journal

Having tried different kinds of notebooks, old books, new, different bindings, paper weight and bulk, I have come to the conclusion that this is my favourite: The Moleskine Japanese folded sketch book. Not the cheapest choice in the world, but I can't deny — the awesomest delicious'est! YUM!
I got this one when we were in New York in October, I even journalled while we were there, but I didn't like what I made at all. My mind was elsewhere, experiencing the city, I guess, not arty at all, that's for sure.
I have re-used some of the crap I found though—this bread tag, for instance, which makes a great someones head! Who'd have known?! I'll share more pages tomorrow.


Saturday, February 22, 2014

Bowl of Fun

The pretty bowl is a birthday present from Tina. She has impeccable taste, in her photography, styling, food, instaposts – and in her gift choices ;-)

... and in the bowl a wittle bit of magic! 

I'm in the middle of a weekend workshop; with Brittish Yoga instructor Jo Kemp. Nurturing the spine. Tomorrow, after workshop, I hope I'll have a little collage action with my two new rolls of washi tape. Weekend Rocks!

Saturday, February 15, 2014


It won't be long now; The 1st of the Salons is rapidly approaching, I find it hard to wait :-)
Though the first Salon is Paper-themed,  Pernille & I went on a field trip to Beadhouse Thursday, stocking up for the Jewelry Salon in May. This of course made me macrame all night. And throw in a pair of earrings too.

Beadhouse is the kind of store you wish stay in business forever! Copenhagen (sadly) have only few hobby supply stores, and with limited selections, but Beadhouse is the utmost counterpart to this. They have EVERYTHING in beads. These phone shots are just the glass beads (except the table - I couldn't resist), and just a narrow slice of the store. The place is a little bit messy, but it's candy land to 'beadies' ;-)

While waiting for House of Cards, season II, Suits has been a welcome pastime. Theme song: Ima Robot Greenback Boogie.