Wednesday, August 29, 2012

A few pictures more

Wanted to share a few more photos from the photo shoot; the images below are by Tina Brok Hansen

I use stamps a lot in my collages - here are a small part of them; mounted, unmounted, hand carved, store bought and flee marked found. And always room for more! :-)

You can find many great stamps at Stampington&Co, Character Construction (where the chair and the bird-stamp in the article is also from), Blade Rubber Stamps, just to name a few.

This weekend I'll be making more goodie bags with stuff to create collages. I love putting these bags together, trying my best to make the items suit one-another.
On another note, I do believe the fall is coming :-) Wednesday morning, Copenhagen was shrouded in mist, thick as cauliflower soup. I have been waiting for this! Cozy indoor-time, candles, tea, and lots of creative projects. I better take a head start ;-)

Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Article feature in Isabellas Magazine

My sweet friend, photographer Tina Brok Hansen  and I made this article for the Danish lifestyle magazine Isabellas :-) I created the Scraps, and Tina did the styling and photographs. We worked hard and had so much fun, and it makes me so happy to finally be able to share this.

A little closer, and a few shots extra:

A few Behind-The-Scenes snapshots ;-)

On the side
I made such a mess with all my stuff in Tina's studio ;o)
We had ourselves a delicious lunch; fish cakes with home made remoulade, rye bread and spicy grape fruit salad

Tina's calling the shots ;o)

I also did this little Video for the article, filming the making of one of the greeting cards. Please forgive the quality ;-) It's horribly cut, and sometimes during the 14 minutes, you can't even see the important stuff. (sorry)
But it's made with the best intentions, to give a glimpse of the process of putting together a collage.
If I ever do it again, I promise I'll work on my technical skill ;o) (The clip is in Danish)

To se more Scrapping and collaging, please see here and here.

If you need items to get started, or just want to expand your collection of materials, I make these little bags of emphera- and scrapping paper goods and sell them here in the shop.
Each bag is unique and one-of-a-kind.
Example. S O L D.
See more by clicking the image

Saturday, August 18, 2012

Shop's Open

I have re-opened my Etsy shop for these little one-of-each-kind emphera/paper-scraps lucky bags.
The shop had not been open very long, before orders rolled in—thank you for taking interest, and for your purchases.

There are still 7 bags left in the shop.
Update: Now 4 bags left in the shop.

Each bag is carefully put together with items selected to suit one-another, for you to use in a collage, altered book art, greeting card illustration, or other art work :-)

Keep Cool & Create ;-)

Camilla Engman wood collection

Wednesday, August 8, 2012

»what's wrong, dude? –'you yellow...?!«

Our ol' coffee table is wonderfully large and fits our needs perfectly, but was also dark-ish, and adding to the excess amount of wood-colored living room pieces (too many shades of brown).

So, with a swift decision (followed by a less swift execution) it got a make-over :-)
Before. 1st layer of base coat on sides and legs
Found the great rubber band-tip is on Pinterest! Worked like a charm :-)

»That's whatta thought! A yelly-belly...« 

Friday, August 3, 2012

Scraps re-visited

from »Scraps«

(check out her awesome tumblr logo)
is one of my favorite designers. She seems to do everything that she does very much her way, I find this so inspiring.

Her work, her style, her pictures and self-portraits are so original, and she tops it all with such humor!

On Yokoos Tumblr you can find links to all of her places, still, I'd like to make an extra link to this "Etsy Handmade Portrait", which is so sweet.
In the film, at one point Yokoo says: »What happens to good artists is that, when you create art from the need to be loved, you do your best ...«


Have a happy weekend :)