Tuesday, April 12, 2011


Painted cardboard easter egg at Clemmensen&Brok :-)
Are you making easter-stuff this year?

Sweet felted easter eggs (and other crafty things)
Pretty egg print


  1. Not making Easter things as such, but planning a big family feast. My Mum is a wonderful cook, and I will be her chief helper. I've no problem sampling as we work. Yum! in anticipation, I say. Easter is one of my favourite times of the year.

  2. such a dreamy beautiful photo. makes me want a melting chocolate egg.

    not making things, like gracia, Easter is usually a big feast at my Aunt's house and we play very late.

  3. oh this lovelies remind me i'm so behind this year !! i was sick in march & have difficulties to recover... we'll see what i can get done...

  4. Oh these are beautiful. Sadly I'm not making any easter stuff this year ... it seems to have snuck up on me a little.

  5. ... åh, har knappt tänkt på påsk. Måste ta mig tid att göra påsksaker; jag har ju barn och allt! Fina påskågg du gjort!