Wednesday, September 28, 2011

A little break

I took time off yesterday. And ended up watercoloring. Felt amazing to make something that wasn't for anything ...

... favorite colours ...

this color-combo (above) were inspired by this amazing shawl from Facile avec Cécile. Aren't like those colors at all though—inspiration works in mysterious ways! (click to enlarge)

Btw, really recommend Facile avec Cécile. Many sweet diy's.

My dear friend sent me this today: Norwedian Savings&Loan commercial with George Clooney. Her expression is just priceless! Love this so much, so funny :-)))

Friday, September 23, 2011

Daily presents

Whenever I can, I walk to where I work. The walk takes me through my beloved old city, and there are numerous routes to follow. I try to walk different ones each time. Each one holds a small present.
Yesterday took me through Christiansborg, into the garden, and through the collonades. The noise of the city are kept out by these light sandy gray walls, and made room for a different sound; of horses. Turning my head, a door was open, and I snug into The Royal Stables. What a treat.
I so wasn't supposed to be here, but when a staff passed me (and my obvious phonecamera), he silently ignored me and went on with his day, so I snug out again, to go on with mine.

Friday, September 9, 2011

There's a new place in town

Torvehallerne, a brand new marked place in the center of Copenhagen, opened last Friday, and today we went to browse and perhaps make taste buds happy :-)
and did we ever ...

dried cape gooseberries, mandarin orange, and mango
fresh honey still on the wax:

It was a feast! Foccacia from Il Fornaio (section C9) Cheese from Ostelageret (section G5) Olives and dolmades from Stig's Oliven, and for the sweet toof; dried cape gooseberries, mandarin orange, and mango from Exotic mix (section A2) and fudge! (There was a whole section of fudge!)

...did you catch the toof-link;-))) If not, here it is. Proper linked: My Milk Toof; playing Monopoly (these guys crack me up every time :-)))

Sunday, September 4, 2011

a m·i·n·i·a·t·u·r·e GIVEAWAY

Why is it, that all things tiny just makes me go »aww...« ?! Well, these little guys made my head tilt with the velocity of a summer lightning! 
Naturally, I'd like to share my miniature excitement, and what better way to do that, than with a tiny GIVE-AWAY. So if you'd like a pair of earrings—fruit of your choise—leave a comment to this post before October 1st :-) Please state which pair you'd prefer to win (see the little number under the earringees?) I will draw two winners, and notify directly. I hope you'd like to play along.

(btw—the book on which the earrings are photographed, is the lovely »FLORA« by Nick Knight).
(lastly; a little »after«-image to go with the »before« from ... well ... before. I may not be the most active blogger these days, but I s'rre finish me teacozies ...)
A few links to travel by: IF-interview with artist and illustrator Chris Buzelli.
Sub-surface images from Nick Goodey's pinbord: Under The Sea.