Saturday, June 25, 2011

A new place

I have moved my work place to a shared office in another part of town. I am closer to the city now, and right next to the canals of Christianshavn, in a really great neighbourhood. It's so nice to have colleages (or sort-of-colleagues—each of us being selfemployed), and they are all so kind and sweet and funny.

This is my corner of the studio, and the view from where I sit

... the yard:

and my right-next-door-neighbour. I love that tower. And here are tourists taking a tour on the canal (wearing matching rain covers :)
I'm thrilled that I'll be seeing water every day.

Can't wait to go to work again :o)

Autocorrects just crack me up! Been reading a lot lately, and laughing so much. Here are a few: adopted, living room color, a LOT of apple sauce

Monday, June 20, 2011

Packages soon on their ways

Thank you for all your sweet congrats on my recent blogaversary :-)
And for entering the giveaway, of which I have now drawn 3 winners, and you are ...(drumroll...) ... Tracey, Dianne and Jules :-) CONGRATULATIONS!
Will you be so kind as to email me your adresses, and I will snail mail your prizes as soon as possible :-)))
Thank you again

1. Mette
2. Sweety
3. Marie-Louise
4. Fru. Ekelund
5. Francesca
6. FarfallaDK
7. Linda
8. T.L. Holmes Williams
9. lee
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12. Tracey
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27. Nicole
28. Mejse
29. Lise
30. Alice
31. Helle D
32. ihanne
33. Neus
34. Julie Møller

Friday, June 17, 2011

Morning Walk

Two pictures from morning walk - one from yesterday and one from today. Wish I could post the dewy scent of those roses.
Today, I'll be working some, and packing in boxes some.

And tonight I'll be drawing the WINNERS of the 500-post-contest :-) There is still time to enter :-)

What are you up to today?

Louis A. La Vie En Rose
Miki Sato animation

Tuesday, June 14, 2011

a delightful meeting

Saturday, I met with Olaya and David of Studio Duermevela in Madrid, who was visiting Copenhagen. This was the first time I've ever real-time blogger-met, and what a delightful meeting!

:-) Thank you guys, for a sweet time, and for the beautiful books (above). I hope you enjoyed the marked, and got to the shops before they closed :-)) e-see you soon.

Duermevela blog
Duermevela site
Duermevela shop

Thursday, June 9, 2011

Winds of Change

These past few days, Rain, Thunder and Lightning've been puttting on a grand show in the skies above Copenhagen. Monday was warm, and ended in a hot-tempered roar.
Feels like a deep sigh after holding ones breath.

All day the news announced the "cloudburst"'s coming, so when I felt the wind change, I sat on my balcony to enjoy the show. First the air turned blue, purple, the birds sounded different, and the breeze came, and smelled oceany. Then sturdy clouds rolled in over us, and changed the world for a little while

This photo of mine really doesn't do this justice, but I couldn't help myself. When lightning came, my trigger-reflexes were way too slow :-)
I found a beautiful gallery here.

The Winds of Change are also upon me in my little company. Though I shall wait to say more until after I move
woups! said it anyway ;-)))

Obsessed a little bit over this "Insanity Blanket" by misplacedpom after having spotted this image on Pinterest yesterday. In case I "needed" another knitting project (hargh-hargh). Then made three squares ...
Insanity Blanket tutorial by The Heathen Housewife (Shelley Kang) here

see you later, alligator :-)

Sunday, June 5, 2011

A weekend of enjoyment

This weekend has been full of relaxation and enjoyment. So wonderful, that I almost forgot to take pictures.
But I do have two ...

the begginning of my new succulent adventure :-),

and the beginning of a new knitting project. I've been in love with Kathleen Kelly's light-as-air cardi since I first saw it (see the You've Got Mail clip here), and finally started to make it. Since I have no recipe, I shall make it my own, with slight alterations (ie have tiny silver beads on the front, and no buttons. I think).

Hope your weekend is wonderful and sunny.
No links today. Only sunshine :-)