Wednesday, March 30, 2011

DAY window display

These pictures are from the windows in Day Birger Mikkelsen's flagstore in Copenhagen.
I made the inks :-) Christine Rudolph designed the whole window display; her idea was to create the windows with 2D models with a twist, and she asked me if I wanted to draw faces, arms and legs. (would I ever!).
Thank you Christine, for an awesome experience!

You can see all the windows here
And Christine's portfolio here

Monday, March 21, 2011

So Soft (Sunday)

This weekend I finished a little skirt and sleeveless pullover for my Sister-in-law's beautiful daughter. I went there (to bring it) and because I'd been invited to our monthly handy-crafty day.
Except--we don't really meet every month, but more ... randomly. And sometimes we don't handycraft s'much, but chat instead. But it's great fun, often counting lots of sweet yarnies, and it has a name; Primo Jovis (First Thursday) since, initially we met every first Thursday of the month. But yesterday was Sunday. So.
Quess it's not the strickt rules of it that keep us going ... ;-) Must be something else ...
I hope your Sunday was soft as well. And that your Monday is gentle

Simple beauty at Neëst
Sara Lov sings New York

Friday, March 18, 2011

the Coffee Owl featured in BoligMagasinet

My Mr. handycrafted CoffeeOwl is happy to announce his first feature in the Danish home and living magazine BoligMagasinet.

Days later another Danish magazine asked to bring a feature. I feel very greatful. First orders have already been shipped.

Thank you so very much :-)
John Kenn draws monsters on Post-It notes. Wanted to buy one of his pieces, but —alas— all were sold out. (Congrats, Kenn, please draw more!)

Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Mail from afar

Received a gorgeous package from the Aussie wonder-team Gracia & Louise. Absolutely adore their But I Just Got Here A Minute Ago!

LOVE the way your minds work, you guys :)

Thank you - for the book, and for all the yummy goodies :-))

Have you seen these masters of disassemblys? Wow!

Love this:

Monday, March 14, 2011

Inwards and Upwards

How do you stay connected with yourself?

This morning I took a walk along the lakes of the City. It was mild. Soft drizzle and a few birds chiming their readiness for spring, and I had a pretty good feeling of being here.

Love Camilla Engman's envelope houses. She did more here.

Thursday, March 10, 2011

Sad Passing Of A Wonderful Soul

I’ve been a little quiet for a few weeks now, and for a sad sad reason.
My dear friend, creative colleague, and co-author of Scraps, Elsebeth, passed away last Monday. Her passing came after 6 months agressive illness. I miss her dearly, and send my love to her family and her many many friends in this very difficult time.
Above a little tribute. Thing she made, things (of many) I made inspired by her, and things we made together. A tiny bit of all that we shared.
But beyond this, we shared the things you cannot take pictures of. Things of the Soul and of the Heart. These things I will keep with me forever.
I miss you; sweet, wise, wonderful Friend.