Sunday, November 27, 2011

It's beginning to smell a lot like xmas ...

Today we celebrated first advent Sunday, and lighted the first candle in this year's advent wreath. Last year I made three—one out of paper, one of fabric, and a miniture one using christmas tree candles and egg cups. This year's advent »wreath« is not really a wreath, more of a foresty bump with lots of birdies on it :-) We've had many an argument wether or not it was a crying shame to light these innocent lil' creatures.
No animals were harmed during this shot.
Feeling awfully Christmassy, I also started a long planned (or long dreamed, rather) foodie project: I'm making a traditional English Christmas cake. I have high hopes for this puppy (which, I might add, is of considerate weight and sturdiness).
The creature has soaked in booze, been sifted, stirred, whisked, spiced, baked and boozed some more. And it aint over yet! Now it shall sit for three weeks, to be regurlarly drizzled with ... more booze. Then decorated. Then (hopefully) enjoyed.

I have never even had Christmas cake before. And have no idea what I have gotten myself into.
Am I in for a treat?

Happy 1st Advent Sunday! And happy beginning of Christmas month:-)

Thursday, November 24, 2011

Sunday, November 13, 2011

New Kid In Town

The little family of Coffee Owls has a new member, and it'sapink :-)
Same hi-quality 100% wool. Same hi-glass class eyes (or was it the other way around ;o)

The grey/yellow Coffee Owl (which has been the most popular so far) is temporarily out of stock.
But shall soon return!
Camilla Engman is collecting »Morran art«, and making a book.

I love this chocolatety board; San van Heems' »Color=Brown« on Pinterest

Saturday, November 12, 2011

Soul Food

This weekend is Copenhagen Book Fair-weekend. I went yesterday, and in spite of the fact that Friday is a normal workday, the place was packed. Yes, of books ;o) and of book-lovers too. Ain't it great?!
Judging by the amount of visiters, it seems the book is still a beloved media.

It's always fun and inspiring to look at covers, and the foodie in me was drooling all over all the fabulous cook books. Especially Marie Melchior's Når livet er en fest (When Life Is A Celebration) and Anette Eckmann's Naturens spisekammer (Nature's Larder).

(The picture right above here is from the little publishing house Batzer & Co. Now, I cannot say I have read all of their books, but a few, and the ones I have, have all been of the mindblowing, life-altering kind, and are without exception among the best books I have ever read. I am actually quite awestruck by this! Some record in my book ;-)

Accidentally bumped into Blues Brothers later last night :-))) Into this scene; Amazing Aretha, her bouncing hips and pink slippers singing at her and hubby Matt "Guitar" Murphy's joint: Soul Food.
:-) Take it away, Aretha!

Today, I'm baking sellery in salt crust. Smells autumn-y and sweet. M-mmmm! Soooul Foood indeed ;-)

What's your Soul Food?

Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Hoot Hoot

Many a fledget Coffee Owl have flown from the nest lately. Last weekend I emptied the shelves of yellow yarn, and grapped some pink, white and earthy tones  too.

Time to expand the palette.

Monday, November 7, 2011

knitty witty

... But...what...then... that five-needle thing next to the book... is that a xmas ball then??
no-no. Can't say I'm a one-project-yarnie ;-)) 5-10 project-yarnie more likely! This is the beginning of a pair of long wrist warmers for work. A wonderful (and fast) no-recipe thing. This warmer here is already almost ready.

And speaking of funny knits: Love this turkey baby hat :-))) from Melondipity
Loooovely mushroom board at Pinterest

Saturday, November 5, 2011


On my way to work yesterday. Autumn has been so mild, and the mornings dim and silent.
Wauw! Feel as if I've been in a regular time warp. Where did those past two-and-a-half weeks go??? Work have been ca-raiizy, which made my brain shut down for brief moments :-))) Last week grocery shopping I used the self-service register like I've done so many times before, and I actually placed two cartons of milk in my shopping bag without scanning them first! ...
Me: »Miss! Theres something wrong with the screen—the machine won't let me continue«
Helpful-lady-at-register: »You have to scan your groceries before putting them in your bag. Otherwise it's stealing«
Me: »Oh«
Man! Did I feel stupid. I actually bursted into a lame explanation of how I'd had a really busy day, but she'd already turned to help someone else. I alternately laughed and shook my head all the way home.

But alas! Now Weekend has put its warm, soft arms around me, and though I still have to work a little, I also want to blog! And knit! (got mi'self a brand new book, and yarn in new colors for Coffee-Owls-to-come to share with you later).

I updated my website during the holiday. Or rather -- made a brand new one. Which—thanks to very-user-friendly IWeb—was actually easier than updating (plus the old site felt a bit outdated). The link is here if you want to see some of my work stuff:

See you soon:-) I hope your weekend treats you with soft- and mellowness!

Pretty patterns on Pinterest
Delicate »Queen« by Emma Block. Emma's blog here. Also via Pinterest