Thursday, May 31, 2012

My Milton Glaser infatuation

First time I met this design was many many years ago, when I, after finishing High School, went to live in Canada for nearly half a year.

I don't remember the second hand book shop in which I found it (must have been somewhere in Barrie, Ontario). But I vividly remember holding this book in my hand. And I remember the impact the front cover had on me.

So I bought the book (Can$: 1,75), knowing I probably wouldn't be able to understand much of it without massive assistance from a dictionary. Really, I reckon, I bought the cover.

For a long time I didn't know. I just took the book from the shelf once in a while, savouring the image.
Years later, I learned about this designer called Milton Glaser, about his profound design work, and learned that he made a whole series of these gorgies; The Signet Classics.

Recently another title came my way. I solemnly believe I have started a collection!
Perhaps, with time, more books will join.
Until then, I will continue taking these two down from the shelf once in a while, and read. The covers.
The impact: Still massive!


Another, contemporary, illustrator who reminds me a little of this great style is Daniel Egnéus.
His Little Red Riding Hood is on my wish list.

Daniel Egnéus website. Wauw!
Here's a little video of the making of Little Red Riding Hood

Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Gursky (again)

Couldn't resist. Knowing that the Gursky exhibition was about to end, I hurried to Louisiana once more to savor his awesome photographs, to watch the videos and just take it all in. Again.

I didn't take any pictures of his. You will have to see them here, and watch the film (where his photoshop assistant works magic)! 

Instead I took a few filtered snapshots of the museum surroundings. Gotta love the museum surroundings!


No museum visit without a visit to the museum shop. And in this category, the Louisiana Museum Shop is in a league of its own. I could move in there! Everything there is just stylish, beautiful, classy. I would, you know. Move in there should they ask me to. No one has yet, though...

In the book shop I found this: 
Photo from
...aaarrggghh, the waffle texture! The BITE! A vanilla and a chocolatty version ...

I think I forgot to breathe for a while. 
Let's just say it's on my wish list. 

Saturday, May 19, 2012

Here I Am (relaxed)

I have a really wonderful friend whom I speak with almost daily. She's an incredibly wise person, warm, and we laugh a lot. And talk shop too. Two weeks ago I was looking into a couple of weeks of workload of considerable proportion, she said to me: »Think of it as a business trip«, and I did.

We've been joking about it many times during my »absence«, and Wednesday, when I sat on the airplane (aka my bike) going home from work having met all my deadlines, she said to me that it was okay for me to relax now ...

It has taken me a couple of days to land (I'll stop with the figurative speak now ;o), but I believe I'm there now. Aaahh ... my yarn, my couch'n blankie and a cuppa tea. That's quite enough for today.

I hope you are enjoying Saturday too :)