Thursday, April 29, 2010

Ooh, I would have liked to have done ...

I love it. My heart melts for the hand writtens fonts, and for the perfect layout and choice of carton.
Flipped the box, and the design people had written their name: Big Fish. In the words of James Bond: (link)
Clipper Teas have a web site too (that Big Fish also made). More melts.

Tonight I will have a taste, and sleep easy :)
Hope you sleep easy too

Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Last - not least - from Paris

Congratulations, Noma, for being awarded The Best Restaurant in the World :-)
I never had the pleasure of dining there, I think of all the lucky ones who have, who, I bet, can taste their experience right now :-) Yum!

On a slightly different note, please visit Julia Humpfer.
Did you know Camilla Engman is doing a workshop?
Dottie Angel too!

Sunday, April 25, 2010


One of the places-to-visit on my wish list to Paris was Le Petit Atelier de Paris. This little pottery+shop is so delicate and poetic in every of its details. The items, the shop, the wrapping, and by George ... its people. So quiet, and delicate was these two sweet habitants of the shop.
A wonderful experience.

1 walk+lunch with dear friend
+ 1 tax accounting
+ 2 emails
+ 1 movie (in two minutes from now :)
= Sunday (it really was a sunny day. Absolutely gorgeous)

I hope you Sunday was great!

Coralie Bickford-Smith made these clothbound book jackets. I know they are a few years old, but I love'em so.

Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Back :)

Ohhhh, what a treat!
Paris was (need I say?) absolutely wonderful. Thank you A and thank you P for having us, and thank you ML for trodding les rues with me :-)

Thank you Paris for your wonderful cafe cremes, your delicious pain aux raisins, your awesome foods, sweet people and summery temperatures (it was twentysix degrees C on Sunday afternoon!!!)

As a first, I decided to travel by train on this trip. I gotta say - 15 hours by train (each way), with audio book and knitting kit was soothing in a way I hadn't seen coming. And I can't believe my luck that I'd chosen this way of travelling. I met so many people on my way back who had tickets but no reservation for the train, and was stuck just the same.
Thanks for your sweet comments on the book jacket post :-) I feel amazingly privileged for design jobs like this.

I hope you are well. I haven't had time to go surfin' yet, so no links today, but can't wait to do so. e-see you soon ;-)

more Parisian pictures to come :-)

Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Book Jacket

Did this jacket for the Danish edition of German writer Costin Wagner's icy cold horror novel Ice Moon. Brrrr.

Please visit Aimee for her wise, heartwarming post on parenting
And Dottie Angel to crochet a 'happy hanger'

Thank you for Paris-tips :-)

Thursday, April 8, 2010


Rina tagged me for 7 random facts about myself (thank you, Rina) and to tag 7 bloggers to do the same. Here goes:

random fact #one: Currently reading Murakami's What I talk About When I Talk About Running, and have marked several pearls of wisdom. That guy is so clever! Intend to share pearls!

random fact #two: I run sometimes too. Post easter, I should run a lot 'cause ...

random fact #three: this easter holiday I made dessert every day! One day I made Tarte tatin with vanilla ice cream (picture above) for the first time in my life. Not the last!

random fact #four: I have considered giving up coffee, but don't want to.

random fact #five: Last item I bought was a huge pot for a rose my mother gave me as an easter egg :)

random fact #six: Last concert I attented was Sias.

random fact #seven: I would love to make pottery. A lot!

Thank you Rina.
:-) I tag Tiny Red, Gracia and Louise, Dear Oly, Alexandra, Cecilia and Aimee.

·.·*· And The Winner Is ...

Thank you so so much for playing :-)
I listed you guys in commented order and let do the choosin' :-)

1. Maja
2. Rina
3. Linnea
4. Char
5. Mette
6. Esti
7. Louise
8. Gracia
9. T.L.Holmes
10. Alexandra
11. Liz Howell
12. Bleubeard and Elizabeth
13. Veja Cecilia

which makes Gracia the winner of one pair, and Alexandra the winner of another.
Will you please email your adresses, and I will send you a package :-)

Thanks again for playing :-)
(Rina - I owe you 7 facts :-) I'm on it - will post them soon)

Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Soon to be published

Making more collections (this is a little part of one). Made a whole bunch which were accepted to be published as cards (I'm so happy). Can't show'em now, but will, of course, as soon as they hit the streets :-)

Did you have a nice easter holiday?
Here, both me and my computer took time off, which was brilliant!
Back in the saddle (yii-hahh) we are working again. To meet a certain deadline ... 'cause quess who's going to Paris for a few days next week ...??? Yeah-I-am. IamIamIam (can you tell I really look forward to this??) :-))
If you have a city-tip, and if you'll share, I would be so happy to hear from you. Also if you have none :-)
Back to work!
Take care :)

Sara Maragotto Anatomy + interview
via Studio Fludd