Wednesday, July 28, 2010


One of my 'regulars' in my job as a graphic designer is the layout of this book club magazine »Mind & Spirit«. I love creating this magazine, love the cooperation with my wonderful, sweet editor, and love the books.
The right image here is one of the magazine covers from earlier this year. The figurine is my own little green Buddha :-) He has visited this blog once before - right here :-)

Which part(s) of your job do you love?

LinkLove: Miyuki Sakai
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Friday, July 23, 2010

I wish you ... !

Thank you for playing giveaway with me:-) Please email me your adresses (my email is in the right column :), and I'll snail mail the postcards asap :-)

Thought I'd share another card, which was published while I was holidaying. It says
I Wish You ______!
Today, I wish you a wonderful weekend :-) Tomorrow I shall wish you something else. Good stuff. Guaranteed.

Sara Lov has a really pretty website, I love her music. Especially Animals.
And New York (which is such a sweet video too)
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Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Of Being, and Being Here (+plus postcard giveaway :)

If anything, a holiday — taking time off — can reveal true meaning of presence, no? Should call it taking time on, really, rather than off, come to think about it :) Not necessarily in the sense of being availible 24-7 to everyone who tab your shoulder — but availible to oneself. Availible to the present moment. Of Being. Here. Now.

Certainly this is not news. Or invented by me. Not at all. It was a gift
(»will you accept it?«)
(»i believe i will. thank you :) can i do something for you? in return?«)
(» :·) ...)

I'd forgotten, during a very busy Spring. I'm reminded. Thanks :)


I am fortunate to have these two cards being published as Go-Cards, the pink one can be found (and picked up :·) at Danish cafés for a week starting tomorrow. (The blue one went public during holiday time :)

Would you like a postcard set? I will send a set of ten cards (five pink, five blue) to the first five people who leave a comment to this post :-)

Sunday, July 4, 2010

Here's to Happy Accidents

Yesterday we had home made pizza with leftovers. This meant one classic with tomato sauce (canned + dried, in oil + garlic + salt/pepper), beef sausage, cheddar and oregano, half a classic (classic being the-one-I-always-make) with olive oil, cheddar, potatoes, rosemary, pine nuts + salt, and one half Happy-Accident-Pizza. With a good chunk of goatcheese (we for some reason failed to savour during the week), sage from the balcony, a liiittle dash of honey, some bashed hazelnuts, oliveoil and stray pinenuts from the potato-side, happy-accident was all over the place. I hadn't made this combo before, but I think it's safe to say that goatcheese, honey, pinenuts and sage will be on a great many pizzas in our household in the future.
And hereby passed on with reccomandation.
(I'm hungry ...)

Lovely Lovely Morning :)
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Friday, July 2, 2010

Of Thankfulness ..

The other page :-) The text is a mix of sentences from the lecture I spoke of last post.

I promised you strawberries and raspberries. Rich and tasty. I feel thankful for this life, with its warm summers and red berries. I mean — I could be a fly! Or ... — I dunno. Just feel really thankful for being me.

Yester-evening I met with Elsebeth; she is so sweet and wise, and awesomely creative. She made these amazing purses, and look the present she gave me ...

— I love it :-)

Just discovered iHanna. Huuugely inspiring. Love her inspiration-tiles