Saturday, February 28, 2009

Afternoon quiet

This new life as a freelancer opens possibilities to push boundries. Business is slowly growing, and I try to keep up. I'm privileged, and greatful.
Happy weekend to you.

Please visit Singlecrochet to see her cameras. And the beauuutiful shoes at Machado Handmade.

Sunday, February 22, 2009

Saturday, February 21, 2009

Late IF

Thank you for sharing your views on taking chances. I seem to be asking myself that question these days, and your input was helpful:)
I missed last weeks's Illustration Friday. It was Celebrate. Weeks just go by so quickly—I look up, and it's Saturday again! Camilla has an explanation.
Have a wonderful weekend. (I went tobogganing today—what are you up to?)

Lovely Salvia

Sunday, February 15, 2009

Making macarons and asking questions ...

Light as an angels' breath, these sweet little treats. With a little inspiration originally from La Durée, and fellow bloggers Cannelle and UseRealButter, I added some, took some out and ended up with my own. ( I let them sit too long in the oven, though, so they got a slight tan from the oven heat + the batter was aliiittle too thick—but other than that ... ;-) I will know this till next batch (and there will be a next batch. And a next. And a next :-)

I have a question today: Can you take the chance of a lifetime, and still play it safe ...?

Thursday, February 12, 2009

B as in ...

BOY! This was a challenge. There was light there was dark — circles — perspective ... I swear I broke a sweat! :-) It's been ages since I watercoloured. But I like a good challenge, and I'm quite excited about this little reunion with my ol' WN box :-) (I will take its picture tomorrow—it's pitch black out now.

I fell in love yesterday, browsing though Anahata's shop PaPaYa!. Wauw. And take a look at where she lives. I mean this is everyday view for that gal. AMAzing :-)
Anahata linked to this puppy. Ohoh. How does a Scandinavian get her eager hands on that!, I ask you? :-)) (Seriously—I'd like to know)
:-) Happy Friday tomorrow — have a neat one.

Friday, February 6, 2009

As in ...

So. »Did you feeeel like the Aubergine?
»... no
»Have you ever ... felt! ... like one
... »uhmn ... sorry whatwas the question again?
· · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · ·
I like talk radio. Today there was a program about a mental institution in Denmark, with stories of both the buildings and its inhabitants from 1915 to today. An architect spoke for preservation of the area, and former caretakers, doctors and scientists were interviewed, and they spoke of the place and the residents with so much warmth and love, a sense of understanding and down-to-earth compassion. It was an interesting, unsentimental picture of a world I am in very limited contact with. Talk radio does that—open my eyes to worlds I know little or nothing of.
There was a little story-in-the-story about a painter, a schizophrenic, who lived at the institution decades ago, and a historian spoke of the views on artists in those days; the connection—or fine line—that was said to be between crazy and genius. He spoke of flow, of that complete devotion to the moment it was, when these "crazy" artists lost themselves in the artistic process, completely unaware of the world around them ...
okay ... show of hands, now—
how many here have tried that ...??? (I know I have :-)

The other day I was tagged by Mansuetude (thank you:) for a special line, or words that ring important inside. A mere matter of hours before I read the tag, I'd heard Kirtana's Train Song, about knowing ourselves from the thoughts we think we are. I find it profoundly beautiful.

»Just because the tracks are laid...
or just because your ticket's paid for...
and some crazed conductor
keeps on calling out your name,
you don't need to board the train.

Trains of thought will come and go,
but you are not your thoughts, you know—
so why get all caught up in where they lead?

You are who these thoughts
are passing through

Complete lyrics here.

I, too, find it difficult to pass on awards—to mention some and not others seem so unfair. I follow so many, discover new ones - and you should all get awards. So there'ya go. Please take it ... go-on. And with it, wishes for the best weekend :-))

Please listen (you may close your eyes—it is such a sweet version)
,look (and don't miss »the mutations«)
and breathe (via dsharp)

Happy weekend:)