Sunday, August 28, 2011

Sunday spent in the Kitchen

One of the great benefits of having an office is that I seldomly work on the weekends anymore (as opposed to every weekend before). This has freed what feels to be a massive amount of time—time for some of the »homy« stuff I love so much.

Today I spent the entire day in the kitchen. I made a batch of pickles made from my late grandmother's recipe. (You can find a couple of pictures, and the recipe here if you like: at Clemmensen & Brok)

I made a cake and a terrine from the giant zucchini. Wheat and rye buns with nigella seeds, sausage rolls, basil pesto, and for dinner; spicy chicken wings with root ragout and creamy polenta. (might have gone a little bit overboard—admittedly I was kindda beat once we'd finished dinner :-)

The beginning of tea cozy from Saturday. Much too tired to knit now. Perhaps tomorrow.

I hope your Sunday was awesome!

Saturday, August 27, 2011

I'm ready!

The photo doesn't show, but the zucchini is massive! As long as my arm from elbow to fingertips. I shall make zucchini cake, and a zucchini terrine with eggs and cheese. They had so many they gave them away for free at my local farmers market: Din Baghave (Your Backyard). Here they sell only locally grown—often organic—veggies, fruit, eggs, flour etc. all year 'round. Such a lovely store.

Tina made a post about the store a while ago at our foodie blog Clemmensen&Brok.

New issue of Marie Claire Idees arrived today. It is the best. And I have always liked the fall issues the best. This one didn't disappoint! I'm autumnly inspired now! :-)

I hope your Saturday is mild. It rains here :-) Wonderful. Favourite. Fall

Thursday, August 25, 2011

Little Treasures (part III)

The collages below are from a window decor in Copenhagen. The artist is photographer Arthur Meehan. He made this for danish designer Mads Nørgaard. More pictures here, here (links from

Love the colors and the atmosphere in these.

Sunday, August 14, 2011

OH! MY! .....!!!

This calls for a second post. WAUW! Made the Pull-Apart from Joy the Baker, and .... I have no words. Only recommendations!! Please make this if you feel even remotely tempted. It's HEAVEN! Thank you JtB for one awesome recipe :-) YUM!

before and after second rise

Little Treasures (part II)

Today I'll make this Pull-Apart from Joy the Baker (I mean, who can resist pictures like that !!??)

Better go for a run as well, then ...
Listening to Depeche Mode's old album Some Great Reward. It's my favorite DM album—so smoothly put together. I wouldn't want to listen to these tunes in any other order.

Saturday, August 13, 2011

Little Treasures (part I)

Re-arranging drawers, and finding little treasures.

What this guy can do is amazing; EKLIPS (wauw)
and this is just funny: Kitchen Beatbox :-)

Thursday, August 11, 2011

A Girl's Gotta ...

oh, yeah. And eat too ...

Book Thief recommendation by Tracey at Quiet Paws here. Gilead was recommended by a client of mine. Looking forward to both reads. (and such pretty covers too).

Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Coraline Collected

Little Me is now a real doll. Her characteristic yellow rain coat and black tulle skirt are currently at the tailor's (and those guys are very busy at the moment – making graphic design instead of doll's clothes, but please don't tell her ;o)

She's posing on some new books I got for the studio: Letterpress and Los Logos. And her hair—not the official Coraline hair-cut, but Little Me likes wearing it long. For now.


Monday, August 1, 2011

On Weather Faves and Shawarmas By The Waterfront

Being an "all-weather" kinda person, I'm usually equally mooded come rain or come shine, but today was so mild, and instead of going home after work tonight, we grabbed a shawarma and bicycled to the waterfront. Must admit the experience had me in favour of Summer for a couple of hours there.

...and since we dined right next to this littl' ol' lady, I couldn't help myself ...

A genuine tourist tribute :-) I tip my cap for You, Little Miss Mermaid!

(I've only ever photographed her once before. During a Copenhagen Photo Marathon, in which I was disqualified because the roll of film in my camera stuck, and left me with only 23 of the mandatory 24 photos (one for each hour of the day). I don't mourn the disqualification, as I didn't then -- my 23 shots weren't that great, but I sure had fun.)

Copenhagen Photo Marathon
+Could definately see myself at Type Camp! I Ambersand to that!