Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Illustration Friday: Packed

Stumbled across amazing artist Betsy Walton yesterday. I simply adore her art - her use of colours is so refreshing. She also just started a blog - can't wait to see more.

Saturday, September 27, 2008

Etsy Debut

Welcome to my shop:)
I have made my way to Etsy, and my first items are some HandMade Notepads, 9x14 cm, of various sheets of decorated and non-decorated papers, lined, water colour, thin, thick, printet, drawn on, punched and stamped, and one sheet with stickers. Each pad has a cardboard back and a metal spine.
First 5 buyers will also receive a batch of complementary colourful stickers and some post cards:)
I hope you will take a look - and comments and critisism is -as always- most appreciated. Thank you, and may you have a delightful Sunday.

Sunday, September 21, 2008

On my wall

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Rina and Natascha, will you play?

Delicate and tight by Tsilli,
mindblowing animation by Muto,
and light Lumetta.

Saturday, September 20, 2008


my first Etsy-sales. I'm making 9x13 cm (3,5x5 in) note books, each different from the other, with a mix of decorated and blank sheets (and complementary stickers - bottom of the picture). I'm having a great time–I only hope you will receive them well:) I'll have them spined next week, and they will be good-to-go.
Browsing music the other night, here are four tunes I would like to share with you: Danish artist Lizzie, Ramt i natten (such a sweet beat), Katy Perry; I kissed a girl (and I liked it), Jason Mraz; I'm Yours - such a wonderful, happy tune. At first I thought it was Jack Johnson - and I love him:) Last; Danish artist Sys Bjerre with her song Malene.

Slow food on the Kitchen blog today.

Sunday, September 14, 2008


- by Flora Douville (thank you:) for 6 reason why I blog. Here goes:
1) because of the inspiration - you awesome, talented bloggers out there never seize to amaze and dazzle me. I thank you daily.
2) the communication (this was a side effect I hadn't calculated with, when I began). I love the little conversations, the curiousity, and the interest we take in each other. You guys are so sweet.
3) I experiment more, make more doodles and more silly stuff, now that I have a place to put it:)
which pretty much sums it up. I could elaborate on no 1; The beauty, the ideas, the images, the sharing of everyday life and joy and spirit, all of which are inspirational and part of the reason I blog.
I'm improving my english (Danish blogger here:) - not at all a reason, but a most welcome side effect:)

(I wasn't very structured at this;) Instead of tagging six particular, I will tag everyone who would like to share the reasons they blog. (Please leave a word if you accept the tag - I would love to read your reasons)

Tag rules: give 6 reasons why you keep a blog, choose 6 people to go on the game, if you have time, put a comment on this page with a link to your post and your blog’s theme.

Very foodie weekend - 3 new recipes on Kitchen Blog.

Sunday, September 7, 2008

Sunday Afternoon Note

Went for a walk in the forest, bringing a bag and a little knife - just in case. 'Cause actually it's early for mushrooms, but summer came early this year, and we've had damp weather lately.
I go after the boletus (=delicious and non-poisenous), and recall where to look for them. Noses in the ground, under the conifers, we seek, and there, almost hidden, its top the same colour as the forest floor, the little treasure stands, quiet as if holding its breath in an ancient game of hide and seek. Once we had seen one, it was as if all the others revealed themselves in gentle defeat. The small area held a bunch. We picked a few, and felt happy, as their earthy aromatic smell anounced coming of autumn.


Look what the postman brought yesterday. I saw it months ago, on amazon. The cover was different, therefore I pre-ordered, and waited, and waited, and waited for this edition to be released. I think the cover is adorable.
As is the book. An alphabetized encyclopaedia of existence of and by a woman who (quote): was not abused, abandoned, or locked up as a child (...) did not live in poverty, or in misery, or in an exotic country. Is not a misunderstood genious, a former child celebrity, or the child of a celebrity. (...)
It has tables, a helping guide to readers who are not familiar with commen American ordinary traditions, letters, pictures and drawings (e.g. an amazing comparison in Identity: Experiment: How might I look as a WANTED poster, a) drawing based on father's description to police sketch artist and b) drawing based on husband's description to police sketch artist.
This is one read I look forward to. Se more here:) Happy sunday:)

Wednesday, September 3, 2008


More ink doodling

Gésine Hackenberg makes great porcelain jewelry. And set.
This is so pretty. A shame she doesn't post anymore.

Tuesday, September 2, 2008

man watching dog watching bird

Going through one of many messy drawers, I stumbled across my remazoles. So with these staining babies in hand, I'm experimenting away.
Rina tagged me for six random facts; I'll try to list them without considering too much.
1. My favourite candy in the whole world is Reese's Peanut Butter Cups (my mouth water, just typing this).
2. I'm a messy artist - especially when deadlines close in on me. After having met the harshest deadlines, I tidy up, though, being quite organized as a person.
3. I feel blessed living where seasons change, but I fancy fall most of all (and am a bit of a poet, too ;-D)
4. Number three made me think of The Scarlet Pimpernel - I love that movie.
5. Like Rina, I have (allthough only a few) Italian genes. – Just enough to paint my hair dark brown.
6. On my CD player right now; George Michael - Older.

Thanks Rina. I will now tag Marie-Louise, Snapping Twig, Flora Douville, Natascha Rosenberg, Deborah Champion and Deborah Mori. Hope you'll play.
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