Saturday, February 23, 2013

All Work – No Play

In my last post I went from distraction to distraction. This last week has been ruthlessly No Nonsence-Week! :-) All work and no play. Here are a few book covers I have made lately.

Cardboard box man by Anton Tang

Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Working while playing

... or was the the other way around?

I'm being easily distracted these days, it makes my works hours longer than usual. Perhaps work hours are the same, but streeeeetched out, being easily distracted and all ...

Well, first Marie Claire Idees magazine came ...
 ( = major distraction)
 hmm ...ummm... delicios ...
Snow! We have to make ...
lanterns ...  (woups! = distraction)

Did you say cinnamon buns?! (oh My! distraction ahead!!) Yeah, why not. Let's make cinnamon rolls. (It's gonna be a long evening ... ;-)

Graphic eye candy + letterpress at Petito's Tight Slice 

Sunday, February 10, 2013

Sunday's playing a mellow tune

Made bonbons, and knitted on the vest. The light is going already it will be evening soon.
 Going from twists to bubbles to flowers to double twists back to bubbles to twist ...

Thursday, February 7, 2013

New work

New illustration for Christin Illeborg, for her and Eva Broby's spring class on transforming mindfulness.
Kindda looking forward to spring these days, aren't you?

Sunday, February 3, 2013

Arts & Crafts Fair

Yesterday my mom and I went to the first Arts & Crafts Fair held in Copenhagen. Copenhagen holds many fairs of many kinds, from reptile fairs to book fairs, baby fairs and spiritual fairs, to fashion and food. It's always fun to meet and see kindred spirits, and there is always much inspiration to be found.

This fair held much for many a crafter's joy - jewelry, horn, sewing, patchwork, paper craft, glass work, embroidery, felt, leather and... yarn. And I admit - it was in this department my heartbeat reached volume yesterday :-)

Between quite a few yarn stores one in particular stood out to us: Bente Geil's Geilsk. She has her own yarn brand which she sells worldwide, and runs an online store:
 Bente Geil (above here) and her assistant (third picture down) were so sweet, talkative and helpful, and her yarn was of such a delicate quality - both the wool, tweed and cotton. At a very fair price too.
 Not to mention the models! This blouse, this dress, this vest.
My mom went home with not one, not two, but three projects bought from these great ladies :)
Both of us with a grand experience! Thank you for this.
(Why I didn't buy anything? Because of this. I have my hands full for now :-) But I will most certainly be returning to Mrs. Geil!
We savoured more yarn dellies; at Kirsten's Sy og Strik
...a sweet idea from Nørkleriet,
and a beautiful children's dress pattern from Karen Noe.

Once back, I discovered that I had mostly shot pictures of yarn. What the heart is full off ... well apparently so is the camera ;o)

One of few images that wasn't yarn was of this lady: Frk. Svendsen, and her collage workshop. Wild and funny stuff :-) Frk. Svendsen website here.

All in all a good fair. A fair fair, hadn't it been for our meet with Geilsk. So glad we did!

Saturday, February 2, 2013

Hemslöjd Magazine

Got my first issue of Hemslöjd (Swedish magazine for Arts and Crafts) See more from the magazine here :-) The layout is beautiful, and the magazine is printet on rough uncoated paper. (And the smell -- I luuuv the smell of fresh ink ;o)

Jenn Grant - Eye Of The Tiger. I really like her music. Favorite track is Paradise Mountain from her 2011 album: Honeymoon Punch. I could only find a cover version on You Tube, but If you're on Spotify, do listen to this :-)

Friday, February 1, 2013

Transforming Mindfulness

I recently made this top illustration and layout for free downloadable Mindfulness exercise from Mindfulness therapist, Yoga teacher (and sweet friend :-) Christin Illeborg