Tuesday, October 18, 2011

a quick hello ...

The schools are closed this week, and rain and sunshine fight over who's stronger. It's an equal match!
Just a quick hello, with a crooked face from yesterdays trip to Tivoli.

I'm kind of holiday-ing, or have been yesterday and today, but also updating my portfolio, and the next couple of days I'll be working some. I'm using iweb for my new webpage - and am blown away by how easy it is to use. How fortunate, since I'm no html-master.

I hope you are well, hope that autumn is treating you gently.

Pretty table linen from Thornback&Peel
Another kind of prints from Collage-O-rama

Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Good morning ...

Good morning Copenhagen,
Good morning Sir,
Goodmorning Sunshine,

Good morning Shadow (Good morning Tourist on steps) ...
Good morning secret gardens and gentle caretakers,
Good morning hidden details,
Good morning Streets of Ocean ...
and good morning neighbour.
A good morning, indeed :)

Make your own stuffed Turtle from Make it and Love it

Monday, October 3, 2011

WINNERS! ...and a little drawing

With random.org as little helper, I found two winners of the fruity earrings :-) Congratulations KayLovesVintage & Mathilde :-) And thank you, everyone, for playing :-)))

1. Mette 
6. TichTach 
7. Theo 
10. Erika 
11. Lydia 

♫ Lovely Leonard Cohen (A Thousand Kisses Deep)
♪ Everlasting Leonard Cohen (Undertow)

Under-the-sea-drawings for a book cover.