Sunday, September 1, 2013

Sunday with Blixen

Left: »Karen Blixen in New York« Photo: Cecil Beaton. 1959.
Today my friend Henriette and I went to the Karen Blixen Museum; her house Rungstedlund. What a Lady. What a Place. What a Day. Thank you Henriette for a field trip finally coming true ;-)

In December it will be 100 years ago Karen Dinesen travelled to Africa to marry her fiancé, Bror Blixen, and run the Coffee farm—to begin with alongside of him, later on her own.

In April this year, the letters Blixen wrote from her seventeen years in Africa, was published in an unabridged edition; A book of four volumes. The Museum held a special exhibit with the story of, and excerpts from the letters.

Documentary on Karen Blixen.

»The Rooms« are private, and we weren't allowed to photograph in there. The only thing I could take a picture of was the basket of »footies« we had to wear (to spare the floors).

(They were in fact very nice footies!)

Karen Blixen's story, the private rooms, and her personal letters had quite an impact on me. On us, I dare say. What a Lady. What a Storyteller. What a Day!