Thursday, April 8, 2010


Rina tagged me for 7 random facts about myself (thank you, Rina) and to tag 7 bloggers to do the same. Here goes:

random fact #one: Currently reading Murakami's What I talk About When I Talk About Running, and have marked several pearls of wisdom. That guy is so clever! Intend to share pearls!

random fact #two: I run sometimes too. Post easter, I should run a lot 'cause ...

random fact #three: this easter holiday I made dessert every day! One day I made Tarte tatin with vanilla ice cream (picture above) for the first time in my life. Not the last!

random fact #four: I have considered giving up coffee, but don't want to.

random fact #five: Last item I bought was a huge pot for a rose my mother gave me as an easter egg :)

random fact #six: Last concert I attented was Sias.

random fact #seven: I would love to make pottery. A lot!

Thank you Rina.
:-) I tag Tiny Red, Gracia and Louise, Dear Oly, Alexandra, Cecilia and Aimee.


  1. Söta Christine,
    mycket trevligt det var här och vilket foto, vilken god grej!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. ah. jag var redan hungrig INNAN jag såg det här fotot!

    det var länge sen jag blev taggad!

  3. murakami är så bra. Måste också läsa hans senaste

  4. Mums det ser lækket ud:)
    Dejligt med kaffeuglen – glæder mig til at se den.
    Håber vi snart ses. Knus

  5. aww Christine, thank you! i'll do it when i manage to think of 7 random facts...
    no, you don't want to give up coffee, just have decaf like me, i can't tell the difference anymore :)

  6. that dessert looks so amazing. i love to bake, i wish i loved to jog too!

  7. i have made pottery, and lately i really want to do it again, so meditative. i just asked if we could fit a kiln in.... hmmm. So many things to do in life. Live it up!!!!!

  8. Your Tarte tatin with vanilla ice cream looks DELICIOUS. I've just posted my 7 random facts, and joined in with coffee reference.

  9. tack för taggen. jag ska snart göra den:)

  10. I loved your seven facts! I´m agree with number 7! and let me tell you that tart looks so yummy!