Thursday, April 8, 2010

·.·*· And The Winner Is ...

Thank you so so much for playing :-)
I listed you guys in commented order and let do the choosin' :-)

1. Maja
2. Rina
3. Linnea
4. Char
5. Mette
6. Esti
7. Louise
8. Gracia
9. T.L.Holmes
10. Alexandra
11. Liz Howell
12. Bleubeard and Elizabeth
13. Veja Cecilia

which makes Gracia the winner of one pair, and Alexandra the winner of another.
Will you please email your adresses, and I will send you a package :-)

Thanks again for playing :-)
(Rina - I owe you 7 facts :-) I'm on it - will post them soon)


  1. JIPPIE!!!

    men - berodde det alltså på tur? jag vinner aldrig när det handlar om tur! kanske för att jag ville vinna dem åt min syster? Osjälviskt, menar jag

    Tack tack tack!!

  2. How exciting! Such great news to wake up to late this Friday morning. Thanks once again, g xx

  3. excellent choices, random number generator!

  4. Congratulations. I know two people who are very happy today!!

  5. Uhhh! That was close;-(
    Hope for better luck next time.
    Congrats to the winners anyway;-)

  6. Yes...much congratulations to the winners!! Fun, fun!! :)

  7. They've arrived! And they are wonderful. Thanks so very, very much. Photos I will post soon.

    g xo