Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Soon to be published

Making more collections (this is a little part of one). Made a whole bunch which were accepted to be published as cards (I'm so happy). Can't show'em now, but will, of course, as soon as they hit the streets :-)

Did you have a nice easter holiday?
Here, both me and my computer took time off, which was brilliant!
Back in the saddle (yii-hahh) we are working again. To meet a certain deadline ... 'cause quess who's going to Paris for a few days next week ...??? Yeah-I-am. IamIamIam (can you tell I really look forward to this??) :-))
If you have a city-tip, and if you'll share, I would be so happy to hear from you. Also if you have none :-)
Back to work!
Take care :)

Sara Maragotto Anatomy + interview
via Studio Fludd


  1. I've always enjoyed your collections series. I'm glad to see they will soon be in print. Do you affix the individual pieces to a substrate, or simply lay them on the background?

    Love this collection a lot. The butterfly is an adorable addition.

  2. · { så fin og delikat, samme idesky har jeg haft forbi mit vindue ;-))) glæder mig til at finde kortene } ·

  3. Thanks :-)
    Elizabeth ·· I don't affix them - which sometimes make the pieces fly around a bit :o)

  4. oh, lucky, lucky, lucky! well, the touristy part of me loves the offshoots of rue de la huchette and the cafe owners beckoning people to come inside. the underground part of me loves the musée du vin. have fun!

  5. Adore your collections, always.

  6. Ihhh det er så smukt:))
    Tak, glæder mig til at se kaffeuglen.
    Sender dig en mail. Knus

  7. love the collections! Glad u are happy you deserve it !!!