Thursday, April 29, 2010

Ooh, I would have liked to have done ...

I love it. My heart melts for the hand writtens fonts, and for the perfect layout and choice of carton.
Flipped the box, and the design people had written their name: Big Fish. In the words of James Bond: (link)
Clipper Teas have a web site too (that Big Fish also made). More melts.

Tonight I will have a taste, and sleep easy :)
Hope you sleep easy too


  1. i am a sucker for packaging, too! i figure if they take the time to make such beautiful handwritten fonts, the contents must taste just as good!

    p.s. i finally responded to your tag, but forgot to tell you!

  2. Absolutely loved the hand made font! Maybe you know this book, but I used it very much for my work: "Handwritten: Expressive Lettering in the Digital Age" by Steven Heller. Really inspiring!

  3. Aimee ·· me too! I bought books and music for their covers too, and has never been disappointed by the content :) Thanks (tag) read'em and laughed :-)) I loved the gorgeous responses you got too :-)

    Rina ·· Thank you so much. I didn't know it - checked it out and loooved it. Believe it's a must-get :-) Thank you :-)

  4. · { de er skønne og teen er også go ;-) } ·

  5. i felt the same seeing their packages in the store: they are beautiful, the tea are very tasteful too!

  6. Clipper är bäst - Guuud vilket gott te!

  7. oh yes, i saw these the other day, new packaging. so so lovely. i would like to try my hand at making some fonts.