Tuesday, September 2, 2008

man watching dog watching bird

Going through one of many messy drawers, I stumbled across my remazoles. So with these staining babies in hand, I'm experimenting away.
Rina tagged me for six random facts; I'll try to list them without considering too much.
1. My favourite candy in the whole world is Reese's Peanut Butter Cups (my mouth water, just typing this).
2. I'm a messy artist - especially when deadlines close in on me. After having met the harshest deadlines, I tidy up, though, being quite organized as a person.
3. I feel blessed living where seasons change, but I fancy fall most of all (and am a bit of a poet, too ;-D)
4. Number three made me think of The Scarlet Pimpernel - I love that movie.
5. Like Rina, I have (allthough only a few) Italian genes. – Just enough to paint my hair dark brown.
6. On my CD player right now; George Michael - Older.

Thanks Rina. I will now tag Marie-Louise, Snapping Twig, Flora Douville, Natascha Rosenberg, Deborah Champion and Deborah Mori. Hope you'll play.
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  1. love the image--amorphous souls. Mmm peanut butter cups; but i only eat them during Halloween. Then i just have to have two (maybe i sneak two more or pretend i am unable to count past two)?


  2. Tack för att du tänkte på mig, ska försöka hänga på:)
    Gillar din illustration - och det är alltid kul med dessa spirografblommor!

  3. Hi Christine! I loved your answers and thanks for played along!

  4. Hi Christine, thank you for thinking of me! Here are my answers:
    Have a lovely evening :)