Sunday, September 14, 2008


- by Flora Douville (thank you:) for 6 reason why I blog. Here goes:
1) because of the inspiration - you awesome, talented bloggers out there never seize to amaze and dazzle me. I thank you daily.
2) the communication (this was a side effect I hadn't calculated with, when I began). I love the little conversations, the curiousity, and the interest we take in each other. You guys are so sweet.
3) I experiment more, make more doodles and more silly stuff, now that I have a place to put it:)
which pretty much sums it up. I could elaborate on no 1; The beauty, the ideas, the images, the sharing of everyday life and joy and spirit, all of which are inspirational and part of the reason I blog.
I'm improving my english (Danish blogger here:) - not at all a reason, but a most welcome side effect:)

(I wasn't very structured at this;) Instead of tagging six particular, I will tag everyone who would like to share the reasons they blog. (Please leave a word if you accept the tag - I would love to read your reasons)

Tag rules: give 6 reasons why you keep a blog, choose 6 people to go on the game, if you have time, put a comment on this page with a link to your post and your blog’s theme.

Very foodie weekend - 3 new recipes on Kitchen Blog.


  1. Haces un trabajo preciosisimo :)

  2. Hello Christine,
    For all the lovely things you do and all the inspiration your blog gives I have something for you in my blog.
    Have a Nice autumn time !
    Best regards from Helsinki !

  3. Super... du er tagged again...haha
    Og fedt jeg har hyldebær i haven...må se at lave en gang saft, ser lækkert ud...:D Tak for "sparket"

  4. I couldn't agree more or better

  5. Inspiration och kommunikation, självklart - visst är det superkul!!!!!!!

  6. Yes, I love blogging for those very reasons, too.

  7. thanks Christine! interesting anwsers :)