Saturday, September 27, 2008

Etsy Debut

Welcome to my shop:)
I have made my way to Etsy, and my first items are some HandMade Notepads, 9x14 cm, of various sheets of decorated and non-decorated papers, lined, water colour, thin, thick, printet, drawn on, punched and stamped, and one sheet with stickers. Each pad has a cardboard back and a metal spine.
First 5 buyers will also receive a batch of complementary colourful stickers and some post cards:)
I hope you will take a look - and comments and critisism is -as always- most appreciated. Thank you, and may you have a delightful Sunday.


  1. Beautiful work... it all looks so tempting!


    see you, g

  2. Jag säger LYCKA TILL igen. Du kanske kommer att sälja jätte, jätte mycket..............hoppas det!
    Jag vill också komma igång...

  3. Nu har jag varit in och tittat - det ser bra ut! Dina små "anteckningsböcker" är fina!

  4. these are adorable. i love them. and welcome to etsy!

  5. Tillykke ETSY-Christine...De ser godt vild med den tekstede, fedt siderne er forskellige ;D

  6. Hello Christine, Thank you for your messages, and congratulations for the opening of your shop !
    You have a nice blog, i specially like your last blue ink doodle :)
    à bientôt !