Sunday, September 7, 2008

Sunday Afternoon Note

Went for a walk in the forest, bringing a bag and a little knife - just in case. 'Cause actually it's early for mushrooms, but summer came early this year, and we've had damp weather lately.
I go after the boletus (=delicious and non-poisenous), and recall where to look for them. Noses in the ground, under the conifers, we seek, and there, almost hidden, its top the same colour as the forest floor, the little treasure stands, quiet as if holding its breath in an ancient game of hide and seek. Once we had seen one, it was as if all the others revealed themselves in gentle defeat. The small area held a bunch. We picked a few, and felt happy, as their earthy aromatic smell anounced coming of autumn.


  1. That luminous, mysterious, tasty forest!

  2. love the photos!!!!
    you are eating the rain and the moss in a way. Its beautiful.

  3. These visuals! Ah! Such beauty... thank you for sharing.

  4. They look wonderful!
    And that forest does too.

  5. Vilken fin skogsbild. Och visst är det härligt med svampen. Jag älskar den här årstiden!