Friday, July 23, 2010

I wish you ... !

Thank you for playing giveaway with me:-) Please email me your adresses (my email is in the right column :), and I'll snail mail the postcards asap :-)

Thought I'd share another card, which was published while I was holidaying. It says
I Wish You ______!
Today, I wish you a wonderful weekend :-) Tomorrow I shall wish you something else. Good stuff. Guaranteed.

Sara Lov has a really pretty website, I love her music. Especially Animals.
And New York (which is such a sweet video too)
via Hello My Little World


  1. I just love the idea of: "I wish you _____!" How sweet! ♥ Thank you again, Kathy

  2. I've been so busy, I've not had a chance to get to your blog for so long. I like the sentiment behind this card. It is lovely. I take it you made this one, too?

    I've got so much reading to catch up on at your blog. I wish you a lovely stress free weekend while I play catch-up.

  3. super clever card! by the way, i am going to borrow your word "holidaying"!

  4. what a sweet owl! love the card :)

  5. As a lucky winner once before, I can attest your giveaways are always great, always stellar... as is that new owl card.