Sunday, July 4, 2010

Here's to Happy Accidents

Yesterday we had home made pizza with leftovers. This meant one classic with tomato sauce (canned + dried, in oil + garlic + salt/pepper), beef sausage, cheddar and oregano, half a classic (classic being the-one-I-always-make) with olive oil, cheddar, potatoes, rosemary, pine nuts + salt, and one half Happy-Accident-Pizza. With a good chunk of goatcheese (we for some reason failed to savour during the week), sage from the balcony, a liiittle dash of honey, some bashed hazelnuts, oliveoil and stray pinenuts from the potato-side, happy-accident was all over the place. I hadn't made this combo before, but I think it's safe to say that goatcheese, honey, pinenuts and sage will be on a great many pizzas in our household in the future.
And hereby passed on with reccomandation.
(I'm hungry ...)

Lovely Lovely Morning :)
Mila's Loveology


  1. you must be a great cook!! i guarantee you that any accident in my kitchen is NOT a happy one! ;)

  2. honey, goat cheese & sage, oh my! now there is a pizza combo that's worth the carbo-loading!

  3. you just made me hungry again! looks delicious :p

  4. OMG Christine! this looks absolutely amazing! I want a bite! pizza is the best!

  5. That's where all great creativity comes from. ;-) YUM!

  6. never had potato or nuts on a pizza, though pine nuts *because of pesto sounds divine and then i know you are a brilliant creative cook...

    i love feta cheese on a pizza, adds pizaz or pizzazz for more tang.

    do u have a great crust?