Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Of Being, and Being Here (+plus postcard giveaway :)

If anything, a holiday — taking time off — can reveal true meaning of presence, no? Should call it taking time on, really, rather than off, come to think about it :) Not necessarily in the sense of being availible 24-7 to everyone who tab your shoulder — but availible to oneself. Availible to the present moment. Of Being. Here. Now.

Certainly this is not news. Or invented by me. Not at all. It was a gift
(»will you accept it?«)
(»i believe i will. thank you :) can i do something for you? in return?«)
(» :·) ...)

I'd forgotten, during a very busy Spring. I'm reminded. Thanks :)


I am fortunate to have these two cards being published as Go-Cards, the pink one can be found (and picked up :·) at Danish cafés for a week starting tomorrow. (The blue one went public during holiday time :)

Would you like a postcard set? I will send a set of ten cards (five pink, five blue) to the first five people who leave a comment to this post :-)


  1. I am smiling big over your opening line about "Taking time on" and revealing true meaning of presence. Love this. It really speaks to me this summer. I have the summer off from teaching, and I have been creating, and inspired, and happy to be free to find the art in me again! I am taking time ON! Thank you for putting this wonderful, magical feeling I have, into beautiful words.♥ Kathy {Your postcard sets are incredibly beautiful! WOW!}

  2. would love to have these cards. thanks for the chance.

  3. I have no idea what Go-Cards are...but I absolutely love the looks of yours! I went to the site to find out, but could not even tell what language it was written in. Being an eternal scavenger, however, I am tossing my hat into the ring for a chance to win them.

    Thank you for your generosity!

  4. Cards are always irresistible when they look like yours! I think I'm commenter No. 5...

    Still enjoying dipping in your book for inspiration.

    Ciao, Colette

  5. Thanks guys :) I will need your snail mail adresses - will you send me an email? (my email adress is in the right column, up there below "hi" and above the Scraps-book :-)

    Thanks again for participating:)

    Kadhy ·· Thanks :)

    PaperPumpkin ·· I love that you are taking time on :-) to be creative. This sounds absolutely amazing. (and thank you for your sweet words :)

    Sharon ·· you're welcome :)

    Cindy ·· GoCards are free advertising cards, distributed in danish cafés. Companies can buy ad space on them, and as a generous, cultural sidedish, GoCard chooses artists' work (one sends ones work in) to publish on the cards. I have been very fortunate to have had some of my work published in this way :-)

    Colette ·· Thank you so much - you're sweet. And thank you so much for enjoying the book :-)

  6. Oh my!! I can't believe it !! hahaha I had been here before, I thought it was a normal giveaway so I had time to post my entry hahaha.
    Well... anyway, those are lovely cards!