Wednesday, July 28, 2010


One of my 'regulars' in my job as a graphic designer is the layout of this book club magazine »Mind & Spirit«. I love creating this magazine, love the cooperation with my wonderful, sweet editor, and love the books.
The right image here is one of the magazine covers from earlier this year. The figurine is my own little green Buddha :-) He has visited this blog once before - right here :-)

Which part(s) of your job do you love?

LinkLove: Miyuki Sakai
via Kadhysign
Toril Bækmark


  1. I actually love visiting my friends' blogs and getting inspired by their art, their thoughts, and their comments. It's not a job, but it's fun.

  2. I am an elementary teacher, so I love when I know when I really "reached" a child...that ah ha moment. I also LOVE to do art journaling and crafting with paper and fabric. ~Kathy

  3. Hallå där Christine,
    Kul att se att du "finns"!
    Och så har du kommit igång med jobbet igen... sommaren är kort - men pågår faktiskt fortfarande!
    Trevlig helg:)