Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Gursky (again)

Couldn't resist. Knowing that the Gursky exhibition was about to end, I hurried to Louisiana once more to savor his awesome photographs, to watch the videos and just take it all in. Again.

I didn't take any pictures of his. You will have to see them here, and watch the film (where his photoshop assistant works magic)! 

Instead I took a few filtered snapshots of the museum surroundings. Gotta love the museum surroundings!


No museum visit without a visit to the museum shop. And in this category, the Louisiana Museum Shop is in a league of its own. I could move in there! Everything there is just stylish, beautiful, classy. I would, you know. Move in there should they ask me to. No one has yet, though...

In the book shop I found this: 
Photo from
...aaarrggghh, the waffle texture! The BITE! A vanilla and a chocolatty version ...

I think I forgot to breathe for a while. 
Let's just say it's on my wish list. 


  1. It's nice when an exhibition leaves you feeling so inspired... and I am a fan of the museum store too.

  2. We really enjoyed the Lousiana Museum when we were there! And the surroundings... wow.
    Nice pics Christine! I always enjoy your posts.