Thursday, May 31, 2012

My Milton Glaser infatuation

First time I met this design was many many years ago, when I, after finishing High School, went to live in Canada for nearly half a year.

I don't remember the second hand book shop in which I found it (must have been somewhere in Barrie, Ontario). But I vividly remember holding this book in my hand. And I remember the impact the front cover had on me.

So I bought the book (Can$: 1,75), knowing I probably wouldn't be able to understand much of it without massive assistance from a dictionary. Really, I reckon, I bought the cover.

For a long time I didn't know. I just took the book from the shelf once in a while, savouring the image.
Years later, I learned about this designer called Milton Glaser, about his profound design work, and learned that he made a whole series of these gorgies; The Signet Classics.

Recently another title came my way. I solemnly believe I have started a collection!
Perhaps, with time, more books will join.
Until then, I will continue taking these two down from the shelf once in a while, and read. The covers.
The impact: Still massive!


Another, contemporary, illustrator who reminds me a little of this great style is Daniel Egnéus.
His Little Red Riding Hood is on my wish list.

Daniel Egnéus website. Wauw!
Here's a little video of the making of Little Red Riding Hood

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  1. I have had this same experience. Years ago, staring in wonder at those covers of his. I don't think I own one now either, (not sure) but I remember learning about MG from a teacher who saw me gazing, dreaming from his work. Plus, The Tempest is one of my favorites. Its full of magic and a sense of magicians manipulating things.

    Hope you are well.