Saturday, November 12, 2011

Soul Food

This weekend is Copenhagen Book Fair-weekend. I went yesterday, and in spite of the fact that Friday is a normal workday, the place was packed. Yes, of books ;o) and of book-lovers too. Ain't it great?!
Judging by the amount of visiters, it seems the book is still a beloved media.

It's always fun and inspiring to look at covers, and the foodie in me was drooling all over all the fabulous cook books. Especially Marie Melchior's Når livet er en fest (When Life Is A Celebration) and Anette Eckmann's Naturens spisekammer (Nature's Larder).

(The picture right above here is from the little publishing house Batzer & Co. Now, I cannot say I have read all of their books, but a few, and the ones I have, have all been of the mindblowing, life-altering kind, and are without exception among the best books I have ever read. I am actually quite awestruck by this! Some record in my book ;-)

Accidentally bumped into Blues Brothers later last night :-))) Into this scene; Amazing Aretha, her bouncing hips and pink slippers singing at her and hubby Matt "Guitar" Murphy's joint: Soul Food.
:-) Take it away, Aretha!

Today, I'm baking sellery in salt crust. Smells autumn-y and sweet. M-mmmm! Soooul Foood indeed ;-)

What's your Soul Food?


  1. Sounds like a fun way to end the week! My soul-food? Cakes, chocolate cookies. An actually baking some chocolate shortbread cookis with my 4 year-old today...

  2. you didn't really leave wet drool all on those books did you!!!??? yuk! : )

    i know you wiped it all up before you left. Right? You are a good person, I know!

    sending blessings over there... i will keep the drool on this side of time and space, lol.