Sunday, November 27, 2011

It's beginning to smell a lot like xmas ...

Today we celebrated first advent Sunday, and lighted the first candle in this year's advent wreath. Last year I made three—one out of paper, one of fabric, and a miniture one using christmas tree candles and egg cups. This year's advent »wreath« is not really a wreath, more of a foresty bump with lots of birdies on it :-) We've had many an argument wether or not it was a crying shame to light these innocent lil' creatures.
No animals were harmed during this shot.
Feeling awfully Christmassy, I also started a long planned (or long dreamed, rather) foodie project: I'm making a traditional English Christmas cake. I have high hopes for this puppy (which, I might add, is of considerate weight and sturdiness).
The creature has soaked in booze, been sifted, stirred, whisked, spiced, baked and boozed some more. And it aint over yet! Now it shall sit for three weeks, to be regurlarly drizzled with ... more booze. Then decorated. Then (hopefully) enjoyed.

I have never even had Christmas cake before. And have no idea what I have gotten myself into.
Am I in for a treat?

Happy 1st Advent Sunday! And happy beginning of Christmas month:-)


  1. jaa, nu är det dax igen Christine! Hoppas du har en fin adventstid och inte jobbar för mycket:)

  2. I like the sounds of that... "more of a foresty bump with lots of birdies"... as to the cake, you are in for a treat. A good moist Christmas cake is tasty, though I've tasted a few very dry ones that are not so nice.

  3. Tak Marie-Louise; :-)og det samme til dig

    Thank you GraciaLouise; I'll be sure to pour more over it then. Thank you for this advice :-)