Saturday, November 5, 2011


On my way to work yesterday. Autumn has been so mild, and the mornings dim and silent.
Wauw! Feel as if I've been in a regular time warp. Where did those past two-and-a-half weeks go??? Work have been ca-raiizy, which made my brain shut down for brief moments :-))) Last week grocery shopping I used the self-service register like I've done so many times before, and I actually placed two cartons of milk in my shopping bag without scanning them first! ...
Me: »Miss! Theres something wrong with the screen—the machine won't let me continue«
Helpful-lady-at-register: »You have to scan your groceries before putting them in your bag. Otherwise it's stealing«
Me: »Oh«
Man! Did I feel stupid. I actually bursted into a lame explanation of how I'd had a really busy day, but she'd already turned to help someone else. I alternately laughed and shook my head all the way home.

But alas! Now Weekend has put its warm, soft arms around me, and though I still have to work a little, I also want to blog! And knit! (got mi'self a brand new book, and yarn in new colors for Coffee-Owls-to-come to share with you later).

I updated my website during the holiday. Or rather -- made a brand new one. Which—thanks to very-user-friendly IWeb—was actually easier than updating (plus the old site felt a bit outdated). The link is here if you want to see some of my work stuff:

See you soon:-) I hope your weekend treats you with soft- and mellowness!

Pretty patterns on Pinterest
Delicate »Queen« by Emma Block. Emma's blog here. Also via Pinterest


  1. Hello Christine. How wonderful your words are here, and that spire in the fog would seem a wonderful walk, for the view up top there, if one could be allowed to do it.

    Stealing milk. Ahh... What would the cows say about you! :) I hope you are making something very savory on the stove this weekend; I will imagine some delicious scents wafting across the world to me.

    Blessings to you.

  2. Your photo is amazing..... I have just bought a new super duper camera so i will be looking out to take photos like your one.......xx

  3. Kære Christine.
    Ja, vi har også haft nogle dage fyldt med tyk tåge her i den seneste tid. Hvor er det bare blevet efterår!
    Din hjemmeside er blevet rigtig flot. Den er enkel og dejlig overskuelig.
    Ha' en rigtig god uge.

  4. Beautiful photo Christine. Your website looks beautiful, your illustrations are great!
    And your absent-mided story...hilarious!
    My weekend was actually quite mellow, we took a long walk through the park, and admired the golden light. Fall is really beautiful that way!

  5. Quiet mornings are my favourite kind. They are when I get the most work done. And they are good for strolling about too, and feeling as though the whole day is ahead of you and the whole world open to you.

    Beautiful photo, too.

  6. Beautiful photo indeed. I'm off now to check out your new site. xolj

  7. my husband was an exchange student in copenhagen for a year and when i showed him your photos of the city he sighed :) you live in a lovely place!

    your blog is great! keep up the good work! :)