Sunday, May 29, 2011

Sunday thoughts, and past week's to-doings

Hello :-)
It's been a while.
What have you been up to?

In this part of town there's been
work, and in between ...

making necklaces...

beading our new door sign ...

... knitting, and relaxing
—and I went to see The King's Speech (at the cinema, which is a big deal for me ;-)

There hasn't been much blogging. Alas. Not time for everything.

Oh yes, another thing I've been doing, is a bit of internet-shopping. For the longest time, I have had Keri Smith's Nonplanner Datebook on my wish list, and last week I found a European website which carried it, and I ordered it right away. Can't wait to flip throught its pages!

What is your best online buy ever?
I'll have to think about mine ...

Still plenty of time to enter giveaway :-)


  1. Sikke bedårende halskæder!
    Jeg elsker også at lave smykker.
    Og ret så sejt et dørskilt. Det er en hel del flottere end mit eget papirs dørskilt. :-)

    'The King's Speech' er en rigtig god film, synes jeg, så godt valgt...

    Ha' en god kommende uge.
    Hilsner herfra.

  2. Hey there Christine... it's been an age since I found time to stop by and say hello. Seems all is swell in your pocket of the world... and delightfully busy. Glad to hear and see it.

  3. Hello there! It seems you've been keeping yourself busy ... there's a bit of that going around at the moment I think.

    Take care.

  4. christine, u r amazing! so inspired by yr creative output!!!