Wednesday, May 11, 2011

I have to do this in parts ...

... because I have so much on my mind and I really should be working, not blogging, and and and ...
Usually, I happilly accept the fact that I have 24 h a day. It's a lot, when you think about it, and planning will get one far. But today I'm not standing quite so strong.

So. I think I'd like an extension. Please.

I haven't decided if it should be an extended day, week or even month. Just know that there are all these faboulous things I want to make, and do and see and read and listen to, and I can't seem to find enough time forrit all!
You could argue that I should choose, but you wouldn't, if you knew just how wonderful stuff we're talkin' about here.
... the big mini-hama name tag for the front door
... the first season of The Wire
... the Nikos Kazantzakis book I borrowed (thank you for the inspiration, M)
... the John Irving
... the Gangaji
... the Chopra
... the artjournalling I'm yearning to do
the magazine, the yarn, the cross stitch cushion, the illustrated postcards, the blogs the music the audio books the pins the art the company the ...

The weird thing is; this might stress me out completely. But doesn't. I'd just really like to (all-of-the-above).

Had coffee with my good friend this afternoon. We sat by the pond. Walked and talked. And watched the peacock act out, then settle down. Wonder if he'd like more time to do cross stitch ...

I really have to work now ...


  1. a simply gorgeous post, your words and the show off beauty feathered jew=el! I get this feeling lately too, like i want to do so much. Time is eternal. We are.

    Thanks for the Lilacs. I am smelling them.

  2. I always seem to be chasing time too ... but I'm sure it's all my own fault! Your photos are gorgeous!! :)

    Sometimes when there's so much to do, it's nice to just sit back and relax.

  3. Hej Christine.
    Jeg håber, du snart finder tid til at udføre alle dine gøremål. Jeg kender det godt, for det kribler i ens fingre, når man har en masse idéer i hovedet, som man slet ikke kan vente med at føre ud i livet. Så selvom man ikke altid har tid til at nå det hele, så kan man godt gå hen og blive helt glad i låget af alle disse skønne idéer.

    Hilsner fra FarfallaDK

    P.S. Jeg er helt vild med din/jeres bog 'Scraps'. Der er simpelthen så meget dejlig inspiration at hente i den!

  4. Oh, that sounds so relaxing Christine!! The peacock is beautiful.

  5. Oh, and The Wire is great, and one of my favorite authors is John Irving, which book are you planning to read?

  6. Thank you, Monica - yes I really like it too, and JI is one of my absolute favourites as well. I met him once, and it made such a profound impression on me :-)) The book I have waiting for me is Until I Find You - have you read it? (and did you like it?)
    Take care :-)xo

  7. Hej.

    Jeg sendte også en kommentar til dette indlæg, inden Blogger gik ned, men den er desværre forsvundet. Derfor vil jeg blot lige fortælle, at jeg godt kender det med at have tusinde idéer i hovedet, som man slet ikke kan vente med at føre ud i livet, selvom man samtidig slet ikke synes at have tid til at nå det hele.
    Man kan godt gå hen og blive helt glad oven i låget, når det sådan kribler i ens fingre.

    Ha' det godt.
    Forårshilsner herfra.