Saturday, May 29, 2010

Found yet another way to have FUN

A small someone is having a birthday Summer party, and the party planner (that'd be me) thought a garden-thing with a small Tivoli-ish kind of games and colour could be fun to do. A ball toss, A magnet fishing pool (for paper with clips), a decorate-your-own-cup-cake, and face painting!
(I'm very early in the planning process - do you have any ideas for stuff to do that you'll kindly share? I would be very grateful)

The painting-thing got me completely giddy. I rushed to the nearest theater-supply-store and bought a few colours and a tube of glitter. And started practicing. Having made a face and an arm, I thought, "this is so NOT gonna work". But after having washed, re-painted, washed and painted s'more, I figured out a way to make the flower petals change colour and stuff. I still need practice, but I have time. And I'm having tons of fun!

A different kind of link today -- Being no particular Lady Ga-Ga-fan, I was prejudicely under the impression this girl couldn't sing. Shame on me. Link.


  1. I love how you experiment with all different media. I just KNOW that party is going to be a success. Wish I knew some fun kid's games, but I'm sure there are many ideas on the internet. Have a great weekend.

  2. oooooh these are wonderful ideas! i have a little one with a birthday soon... she'd love these activities. your hand painting turned out great!

  3. Flot! Endelig fik du udført din ide, når jeg nu ikke var parat til at lægge hoved til ti hi
    Knus fra mig

  4. great photos!

    love the fishing with paperclips idea and magnet.

    hope u are well