Tuesday, May 25, 2010

New books

Once upon a time, in the land of Employment, a young (well ... youngish ;) girl awaited spring's national holidays of bliss with light, rose-scented anticipation. These tiny drops of extra holidays — they were many and they were soothing — showered her with spare time, time to read or sit in the sun, time for leisure! Little would she know, that years later, in the land of Self-Employment, them very same days would be days of labour, hard work and bossy attititude. Ohh, how fortunate, that the young (-ish) girl held appreciation high then ...

:-D Danish springtime is packed with national holidays - Easter, Whitsuntide, Ascension Day, + "Store Bededag"; fourth Friday after Easter, Constitution Day. They were GREAT back in the days, 'cause one could plan extra holidays around'em, and have so much time off.

Not s'much anymore. Around Ascension Day, I talked to my Printer, and had completely forgotten about holidays! "Whut??!! - You won't be able to do the job 'till Monday?? What holiday?? ... ouhhh ...! Yeah, no, sorry. Yeah-- 'course it can wait."

Yes, much is different. Work hours have sifted out into free-time, free-time to work; the two are now pretty much just time. I do think of this also, the days (it's been a while, though) when I sit on my balcony at 11 am, thinking: "perhaps I'm done working for the day now!"

This weekend was Whitsuntide. I was working. And for this, I am grateful.
One of the jobs I did even presented a great link : Donna Wilson

The collage is of the books I bought recently. Rina suggested A Mano - I love it. The other book is Envelopes, by Harriet Russell (+blog). Awesome. + Indian Gods card deck :-)


  1. wow! great post! and I´m glad that you liked the book, I use it a lot for my classes. I love books, I could live in a house made of books, is that possible?
    take care!

  2. i have A Mano and love it!! such a wonderful range of hand lettering!