Sunday, May 2, 2010

Happy hippie Sunday :)

Makes me feel great when I finish a project! I mean; they begin more or less by themselves — jumping out of drawers at me, grabbing me in my sleep, always ready to play. I've never been very good at finishing a project before starting a new, thus making my home packed with more or less finished projects. I wonder what you guys do ...?

Do you finish projects before starting new ones?

Here is the beginning of the freestyle vest, and here another step :-)
It's been fun — and easy. I simply cut out a shape of paper as seen in the second link, and tried it on (by taping the shoulders together), cut and reshaped until I found it just right. Then un-taped the shoulders, layed it out flat, and crocheted, using old scraps of yarn, keeping the shape of the paper-dummy, not crocheting outside the edges. I (gently) ironed it flat every once in a while, and finished it by crocheting twice around the edges (after having sewed the shoulders together ).

Happy Journey, started by Thereza and two friends. Contributions are all so great.
Do very much like überkraaft's (didn't know him before)

Happy Sunday :o)


  1. well done!
    Beatiful work
    (I cannot finishing a project before starting a new either)

  2. underbar väst...

    Jag har alltid många paralella projekt på gång. Jag tycker faktiskt det kan vara bra ibland: korsbefruktning!

  3. I love what you have made... it looks a little like a woollen I am wearing today that was knitted by my Mum. It is in bands of colours I would never have thought to pair and it makes me happy to wear it. Finishing projects, whatever they are, makes me happy too, not that I always finish them befoer starting something new.

  4. Thanks, guys :-)

    Gracia··It sounds great! I would love to see that woollen :)

  5. Hello,
    This looks very nice - very nice indeed !
    Best regards from an Ex-Hippie
    and still a bit of a hippie

  6. fabulous! looks like it was a really time consuming project and totally worth every ounce of work!

  7. This vest is fantastic! It's like a beautiful topographical map. I loved reading about your process too. Thanks.

  8. i love how you pieced the pattern together, so smart. and i rarely finish one project before i start another, but every once in awhile i am so lucky!

  9. What a fabulous look! Perfect over the pintucked cloudy day colored blouse :)

  10. i am so in love with this vest. love love love! thank you for sharing. i am so inspired!

  11. Hold-da-fuldstændig-op-mand!! Hvor er den vest bare PÆN!!! Waru, hvor er du god. Jeg er også MEGET inspireret!