Monday, February 24, 2014

New Art Journal

Having tried different kinds of notebooks, old books, new, different bindings, paper weight and bulk, I have come to the conclusion that this is my favourite: The Moleskine Japanese folded sketch book. Not the cheapest choice in the world, but I can't deny — the awesomest delicious'est! YUM!
I got this one when we were in New York in October, I even journalled while we were there, but I didn't like what I made at all. My mind was elsewhere, experiencing the city, I guess, not arty at all, that's for sure.
I have re-used some of the crap I found though—this bread tag, for instance, which makes a great someones head! Who'd have known?! I'll share more pages tomorrow.



  1. Glæder mig til at se mere.
    Du laver altid så mange inspirerende ting!

  2. Tak for tippet!!! Ved du hvor man kan købe den slags bøger i dk? Jeg går og tager tilløb til at komme i gang

    1. Jeg tror de har den steder med velassorteret Moleskine udvalg; fx Creas eller Tutein (men jeg er ikke helt sikker). Den hedder "Japanese binding" :-)