Friday, February 28, 2014

Post Paper Salon

The first of Mühlbach & Clemmensens Creative Salons took place last night, and I had the best time! Paper in hand, surrounded by wonderful, creative, sharing folk — what more can one hope to have?!

I got to spend the evening with both familiar and new faces — former »students« from our workshops, and Tina - from TichTach; a blog I've been following for many years. Tina wrote a post about The Salons - Twice, actually. Thank you for mentioning us :-)

There were ornaments, envelopes, stars, notebooks, pencils, origami — all made with, of, in PAPER!
I made the origami ornament above; got the tutorial from (a monster blog for crafts!)

Next Salon is Hama beads. Look out for the upcoming newsletter about this :-)

In my newspaper today, I read a review of Neneh Cherrys new album Blank Project. New as in: hasn't released a solo album in 18 years. The review praised the album, and oh boy! So. Do. I!
I subscribe to Spotify (best investment ever — I have not listened to this much new music in my whole life). Anyway. Neneh Cherry: Totally totally awesome album!

Have a beautiful weekend!

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