Saturday, February 2, 2013

Hemslöjd Magazine

Got my first issue of Hemslöjd (Swedish magazine for Arts and Crafts) See more from the magazine here :-) The layout is beautiful, and the magazine is printet on rough uncoated paper. (And the smell -- I luuuv the smell of fresh ink ;o)

Jenn Grant - Eye Of The Tiger. I really like her music. Favorite track is Paradise Mountain from her 2011 album: Honeymoon Punch. I could only find a cover version on You Tube, but If you're on Spotify, do listen to this :-)


  1. Ser interessant ud, det magasin.
    Det skal jeg vist studere lidt nærmere... :-)

  2. The tactile joys of holding a printed object will never be replaced by electric media!